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You may choose cubic zirconia rings over diamonds because of price; because you may actually be able to afford to wear a dazzling copy of a unique designer or celebrity ring, or because you can have a replica of a famous piece of royal jewelry you couldn’t otherwise acquire, or because it allows you the luxury of selecting larger carat engagement rings, wedding rings or promise rings, or because you’re simply in love with sparkling baubles.

What Separates Imitation Diamond Rings from Cheap Costume Jewelry?

No matter why you are choosing cubic zirconia over diamonds, or what style you quest, cz rings are always imitations of diamonds and other precious gemstones.

eternity cubic zirconia rings

The only thing that separates these imitation diamond rings and simulated precious stone creations and engagement ring designs from mere cheap costume jewelry is QUALITY – the ability of a jeweler to make it as difficult as possible to tell a genuine diamond or gemstone from a fake, and the ability to set these imitations into genuine setting of silver or gold that will last. That’s the art of reproduction, copying, imitating: to flawlessly recreate an original that not only fools but endures.

That is what CZ engagement ring sets and antique wedding band designs that use cubic zirconia instead of diamonds intend to do – flawlessly recreate that which most people can’t afford.

The Quest for Quality CZ Rings

eternity rings

On this quest for the best cz rings and cubic zirconia man made diamonds that go beyond fashion jewelry and enter the realms of artistic reproductions and innovative creations, I have come across a company called Emitations who specialize in classy reproductions of celebrity engagement rings, wedding rings, cz heart rings, antique cz rings, vintage engagement rings, imitation diamond, cz wedding ring sets, pave cz rings, as well as royal jewelry replication.

Emitations and Fashion Jewelry Media


Emitations keeps up to date with the hottest celebrity jewelry trends and has been featured in the fashion media with their sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry featured on such TV shows as The Today Show, and highlighted in magazines like US Weekly, InStyle, Glamour, Cosmo Girl, Ebony, 944, and People. What’s great is that they list celebrity inspired jewelry by individual celebrity, and if you happen to forget a celebrity’s name you may recognize their face because Emitations has a picture of each celebrity they feature. Then all you have to do is see who is wearing what and then choose a piece of their cubic zirconia jewelry imitations at prices you can actually afford.

i do magazine

Aside from the latest Hollywood fashions and royal replicas, they also have sterling silver jewelry and accessories in cubic zirconia styles that mimic diamonds in all sorts of popular settings: rings, earrings, bangles, charm bracelets and quality jewelry including an impressive engagement ring selection, lots of promise rings and even mens rings.

Quality Cheap CZ Wedding Ring Sets


When it comes to cz wedding ring sets Emitations has styles for as little as $40, and dozens of cz rings set with cushion cut or Asscher inspired stone designs to choose from. They are all set into sterling silver bands that have been rhodium electroplated so they will last longer and have a very high shine.

Cubic zirconia rings are not just white diamond imitations, they also have simulated emerald ring styles and blue stone cz ring designs that mimic sapphires and yellow diamond imitations that dazzle.

Here are a few of Emitations CZ Jewelry creations and some suggested combinations:

Luanna’s Past, Present, Future Three Stone Cushion Cut CZ silver rings
for $55, which features three cushion cut cubic zirconia stones (cushion cut looks square, somewhat like an emerald cut) and is set in silver, that appears polished like platinum.

CZ Rings

It’s a perfect engagement ring or even a promise ring.It could be well matched with a cz eternity ring like the Ling-Ling’s Triple Row CZ Eternity Band for $149, or the simple Amra’s Petite Sterling Silver CZ Wedding Band for the low price of $34.

It could also be paired with the elegant Cassie’s Pave CZ Eternity Ring with clear cz diamonds for just under $50.

Costume jewelry rings are so affordable that you can select a few to create stackable looks or have multiple sets for different occasions and for holidays. There is no reason you need to risk losing your original wedding rings when you travel when you can have quality cz rings instead.

Saraya’s Engagement Ring – 3 Stone Asscher Cut CZ $95. This is one very unique cz ring because of it being an Asscher cut which is unusual in genuine diamonds because of the shape of the facets.

CZ engagment Rings

It is a very luminous cut and has a squarish shape. There are 5 cz stones along each side of the ring, giving it the affect of an eternity ring, or at least a half eternity ring. It is a very chic engagement ring that could nicely match an eternity ring band like Selma’s Thin Stackable CZ Eternity Ring that’s a steal of a deal at under $40, or you can choose to pair it with a Caprice’s CZ Eternity Ring with small cz stones all around for just under $30.

Dorisha’s Three Stone Asscher Inspired CZ Ring
for $74 is a clean line ring with three Asscher cut stones similar to the Saraya, but without the extra diamonds on the side of the band.


If this asscher cz ring is used as an engagement ring, it could later be matched with a wide, plain sterling silver wedding band for a very chic clean modern look, or it could be spiced up with am eternity ring called the Sheena’s Asscher Inspired Channel Setting Ring for $175, which is in fact a full eternity ring, but the stones are inset and in classic Channel style and this leaves a lovely plain silver edge that would nicely go with the ring style of the Dorisha. Also, this is a good match because all the cubic zirconia, in both sets, are Asscher cut.


Ilse’s Ice Blue Three Stone CZ Ring $69. This imitation sapphire blue cz ring with huge cubic zirconia is a clean and elegant ring that could be a cocktail ring or a unique engagement ring paired with a simple sterling silver wedding band. This ring only has one square blue stone that is accented on either side by a rectangular clear cubic zirconia, but these clear stones just a little sparkle without making the ring appear cluttered. It’s a very contemporary design and does not look like a classic three stone ring at all.

dimitrias ring

Blue cz rings are not all that common so its quite a personal choice. As an engagement ring, you may want a similar wedding band or eternity ring with some small blue accents. You could select the Dimitria’s 2 Band Stackable Set of eternity style rings that have blue stones for $60, or Paula’s Faux Sapphire Eternity Ring for just under $35. If you go with the Dimitria’s 2 band stackable set of eternity rings, you can also select a clear cz ring setting without added blue stones if you want the engagement ring cz sapphire in the Ilse’s to really stand out on its own.

motts 3 stone canary cz ring

Mott’s Three Stone Canary CZ Ring for $90 has an excellent imitation yellow canary diamond as the central focal stone and two unpretentious clear cz stones on either side, similar to Ilse’s Ice Blue Three Stone in clean lines and uncluttered design. This would make a truly stunning engagement ring that looks real, because the imitation stones aren’t so large as to scream fake at first glance. It’s a very tasteful alternative for anyone wishing to deviate from a traditional diamond engagement ring setting.

ling lings triple row eternity ring

The Canary CZ Ring could very nicely be accented by Ling-Ling’s Triple Row CZ Eternity Ring Band for $149.

You will not want to pair the Canary zirconia ring with an eternity ring that also has yellow stones for two reasons.

1. Small yellow diamond imitations are not as elegant, they tend to look dirty as if the diamonds were of poor quality, especially if set beside a large elegant Canary stone.

2. Yellow is a subtle gemstone color which is best offset with clear or white to provide contrast and make the yellow stand out.

plain silver bands to match engagement rings

I recommend, that to bring out the yellow canary cz diamond, and not distract from its elegance, Mott’s Three Stone Canary CZ Ring be paired with a simple, plain sterling silver wedding band or even a platinum or white gold ring.

Cindy’s Cushion Cut and Pink Heart CZ Three Stone Ring $49. This is an unusual ring that combines an elegant clear imitation diamond center stone with two small heart shaped stones on either side, making it feminine get a little girly or princessy.


This cz heart ring could be a lovely promise ring or an unusual engagement ring, but because of the main clear stone I don’t think it works well as cocktail ring, it looks like a romantic ring that has been given as a gift of love. If used as an engagement ring it could be paired with Majesty CZ Eternity Rings style for $75, selecting the one that as a central band of pink stones, or paired with Lykke’s Set of 3 Stackable Ruby CZ Bands for $149 if you really want lots of princes pink. Otherwise go with a plain band or a full eternity ring like Sharla’s Channel Set CZ Eternity Ring ($55), for simplicity.


Kimber’s Black CZ Eternity Band Ring $49. This is part of a collection of eternity rings that are very unusual. This black cz ring is especially strange because the cz stones and the band are all black.
kimbers black cz eternity ring

It is a full eternity ring with small prong set CZ stones all around the ring and the band is black rhodium plated sterling silver. It may be paired with other black eternity rings to create a stack effect, or mix and matched with simulated emeralds, synthetic rubies, synthetic sapphires, canary CZs, black cz rings, or purple amethyst CZs for a unique custom combination.

I don’t think it works as a wedding band or as a match for an engagement ring unless you’re after a very avant-garde ring set. It’s also worthy of mention that prong set stones in eternity rings may not be very comfortable to wear daily. The prongs may catch on clothing and because the stones are slightly raised and go all around the band, they sometimes don’t feel great on the backside of the finger. If you order an eternity ring that doesn’t feel very comfy, Emitations will accept a return of the item or allow you to make an exchange.


Mayan’s Faux Diamond Ring $59. This is one very tasteful and elegant ring that has no color but lots of sparkle. It’s large enough to be noticed but so huge as to be tasteless. The central stone is a 1 carat rose cut CZ prong set onto a rounded sterling silver band with tiny pave set cubic zirconia part way down each side of the band.

Carlisles cz ring

It’s not gaudy or loud, but very tastefully done and could be a magnificent engagement ring paired with a pave wedding band to match. The best match would be a rounded pave cz eternity ring called Carlisle’s CZ Diamond Stackable Eternity Ring for $79, which is surprisingly comfortable, won’t turn your finger green like some other rhodium-plated rings and the pave setting is smooth with an understated clean line elegance that makes it wearable for everyday. Some ladies who have purchased this style have used it as temporary replacement for their genuine diamond pave wedding ring without anyone noticing the switch.

cz ring combo

Trixie’s Canary CZ Ring $55. This CZ ring is a show-stopper and really glamorous. Not at all understated, it is 3 stone ring with one large yellow (brilliant princess cut) imitation diamond (about half a carat) shaped geometrically for those retro Art Deco lovers and set higher than the two clear cubic zirconia on either side. Silver cz rings in this collection also feature a raised pave border in a rectangular shape all the way around the three central stones and then continues down the sides of the band like a thin eternity ring. The band is delicate while the top is dazzling.

This could be a great cocktail ring with nothing else added, or it could be made even more wild and eccentric by pairing it with Rakiya’s Triple Row Eternity Ring for $65, or a simple delicate eternity ring called Bebe’s CZ Eternity Ring Band for just under $40.

Kimber’s Gold Plated Canary CZ Eternity Band $49. This canary cz rings is a delicate, subtle little piece of jewelry that is yellow and gold and could be an excellent promise ring between friends or lovers.


As cocktail bling it may need to be stacked with a few more to give an effect but it comes in oxidized sterling silver with black CZ stones or gold plated sterling silver with canary, blue, ruby pink, purple, or green CZ stones so there’s plenty of colors to choose from. I see it as a young girl’s ring or a sweet present, but not an engagement or wedding ring. It’s more for fashion than for your wedding day.


Sonia’s Signity CZ Engagement Ring – Round Cut $42. This ring is the epitome of the classic solitaire engagement ring with a round cut CZ fake diamond that is set onto a delicate rounded sterling silver band. This cz solitaire ring features a round stone held snuggly in place with 4-6 prongs, but you may select from other shapes and styles from within this Signity solitaire collection, namely the round cut CZ, emerald radiant cut, emerald step cut, 1 carat oval cut CZ, 2 carat oval cut CZ, and the exquisite marquise cut CZ solitaire engagement rings.


The Signity 1 carat oval cut costs $39 and the radiant emerald cut costs $44.

For a matching wedding band, you could bling up the solitaire with Shamila’s Half Band Four Row Ring for $65, or keep it elegant and understated with a Chyri’s Inlaid CZ Eternity Ring band for under $45, that is a rounded traditional eternity ring with inlaid faux diamond CZ.

joys sterling silver eternity ring

Joy’s Sterling Silver Eternity Ring band – with clear CZ stones for $59. This is a complete collection called Joy’s that has many variations but the one thing they all have in common is that the cz stones are round and inset into what appears to be individual round frames of silver or gold plated silver. This eternity ring comes in a gold plated eternity ring style with synthetic sapphire stones for under $60 or simulated emerald ring or synthetic ruby rings or sterling silver and black cz stones all for the same price (just under $60.) An eternity emerald ring or ruby ring for under $60 is a great buy!


Shaina’s Faux Pearl Cocktail Ring (from their pearl rings collection) for just $94 is exactly that, a cocktail ring that is large and eccentric with a spiral of curled sterling silver and pave CZ stones all around a giant faux pearl that’s 12 mm.


This pearl ring needs no other complimentary jewelry, in fact with just this one piece of jewelry you’re almost fully dressed. Vintage cz rings with pearls are very popular for retro modern fashion statements.


Martha’s Engagement Ring – 3 Stone Round Cut CZ for $55 is just one of the Martha’s Engagement Ring collection that includes a 3 Stone Asscher Cut CZ also for $55. Either of these rings will be ideal engagement rings that can be paired with simple sterling silver wedding bands or eternity rings of your choice.

CZ Engagement Ring – Katherine Heigl Inspired for $34. This 3 carat center stone may not be real but from a distance it will give you all the bling you need to dazzle a room.

katherine hagel cz ring

It’s a bit too large to be a good engagement ring choice because it will be obvious to those who know your budget that it’s not really 3 carats of genuine diamonds, but for fun and cocktail parties or just to treat yourself as a lady, this is an excellent choice.


It’s not a ring for everyone, it’s a ring for those who like dramatic imitations. Wedding and engagement rings are something personal and while it may be important for them to be genuine for some people, to others it may be enough to have a symbol to share that’s fun and sparkles and be later replaced with something else. Celebrity engagement rings or those that have been inspired by their designs can be a delightful joke between two people who are marrying and share admiration for a star or celebrity or if the groom knows his lady has always a particular celebrity, his selection of a replica can be a thoughtful touch..


CZ Engagement Ring – Eva Longoria Inspired $25. This is an imitation of a huge emerald cut diamond and is not the real thing, but it’s only $25 and many ladies like to have something eccentric for taking on a cruise or to wear at the beach or for a dinner party. This isn’t something you’re going to pass off as a real diamond because it’s not and it’s too large to be believable. But it’s fun.

If you find it doesn’t sparkle as much as you’d hoped, there are two things you should know. First, real emerald cut diamonds sparkle less than other cuts. It’s not a brilliant cut and is not intended to be very sparkly even if it were genuine. Second, if it appears cloudy or not as dazzling as you’d hoped, it may need a polish. Use a toothbrush and some mild toothpaste and give it a scrub, rinse well, then polish with a soft cloth. This will bring out some of the shine. Also remember this is an Eva Longoria INSPIRED ring and not an actual replica. It is missing the pave set cz’s around the band to make a true replica.


Arlene’s Asscher Inspired CZ Ring for $69. This is one elegant and classy ring that although it is large at about 2 carats, it is an exceptionally brilliant and has been polished to have the fire of a real Asscher diamond. It is an imitation and will never be the real thing, but many ladies who have purchased this cz ring are extremely satisfied with it’s exceptional quality.


LaRhonda’s Cushion Cut Canary and Clear Triangle CZ Ring $65. This ring is part of the Emitations nickel free jewelry collection which is good to know because the majority of jewelry allergies stem from nickel. Hypoallergenic rings are nickel free and therefore able to enjoyed by ladies who can’t usually wear costume jewelry or anything other than pure gold or titanium. The ring itself is a custom ring design that is made when you order and that is why it may take 4 to 6 weeks to receive. This ring is unusual for many reasons, but firstly, it is blend of gold plated and rhodium electroplated sterling silver. The large center stone is a beautiful faux canary diamond with clear triangle shaped side stones all set into 3 – 4 prong settings.

Anne Maries CZ

Anne Marie’s Three Stone Asscher Inspired CZ Canary Ring $78. This ring has received rave reviews by the ladies who own it because it’s not to flashy to be believable and can double as a unique engagement ring. It’s also nickel free and comes in small sizes (like size 4) and looks marvelous on small delicate hands. It’s best paired with a simple sterling silver wedding band if it’s to be an engagement ring, since the band is slender and delicate. I don’t recommend an eternity ring; the ring itself is enough, more cz diamonds will only take away from it’s elegance.

jessas 5 carat cushion cut blue

Jessa’s 5 Carat Cushion Cut Light Blue CZ Ring for $30, gets mixed reviews, and it’s obvious why. A natural blue diamond is rare and therefore a stone of this size will probably appear fake. It’s best as a cocktail ring, to match blue outfits, and not as your main engagement ring or a piece you want people to believe is real.


Have fun with this ring on vacations and use it as costume or fashion jewelry without excepting it to be a real sapphire or blue diamond.

Don’t match it to other blue eternity rings because the soft blue will pale beside deeper blue tones. Keep it simple, wear it alone and enjoy your cocktail bauble.

Eloise’s CZ Sapphire Banded Three Stone Ring $59. This is a very unique ring that blends a square central clear cz stone with two clear triangular shaped czs and three flat, rectangular, blue synthetic sapphires along each side.

eloises unique blue

Ladies who have bought this ring say it is very comfortable and elegant as a cocktail ring. It has also been purchased as a “something blue” for a bride, but it probably will not be the best choice for an engagement ring if you want a traditional style.


It may be difficult to pair it with an appropriate wedding band and the central stone may be a tad too large to be mistaken for a genuine diamond. Recommended as a cocktail or evening ring. It’s a piece of quality fashion jewelry. Discount engagement rings under $60 will be difficult to find with such outstanding style, and with a refundable guarantee.


Teresia’s 4 TCW Elegant CZ Three Stone Ring $30. This is one dazzling ring that has a massive CZ in a really high setting and lots and lots of small stones around the larger ones. Customers say this ring tends to be sized large and is rather heavy so it’s not ideal for small fingers or delicate hands. It’s best as cocktail jewelry for going out and not as an engagement ring. It is good quality and sparkles like a torch, but this is exactly what makes it not believable as a genuine diamond. Just have fun with this item when you want to add razzle-dazzle to an outing and don’t take its outrageous 4 carats too seriously.


Nadia’s 2.56 TCW CZ Scroll Three Stone Ring for $30 is not a filigree ring but it gives that impression, as if it were a vintage or antique engagement ring with detailed scrollwork and lots of carved accents along the sides of the band. It is a bit large to be a conceivable diamond engagement ring, but it’s certainly a gorgeous cocktail ring that could match some CZ stackable rings and some stackable CZ bracelets with a sleek little black cocktail dress.

It reminds me of the ring you might see over a pair of black silk gloves with bracelets to match and no other jewelry at all.


Cheri’s 2.7 TCW Asscher Style CZ Three Stone Ring for $65 has received very good reviews even by women who wear it everyday as an engagement ring. Although I believe the center CZ diamond is a bit too large for an engagement ring, it’s set so simply and cleanly into a plain silver band that it appears less dramatic. Perhaps that’s why it’s being chosen for weddings and not just being used as a cocktail ring. Wedding ring sets could be made with this piece of jewelry by pairing it with a simple sterling silver band or a delicate eternity ring. But I recommend keeping it simple – go with plain silver.


Evelyn’s Three Stone Pink CZ Ring for $39, when it comes to silver jewelry and pink rings, this is a winner. The pink is very delicate so don’t let the picture fool you, it’s not really that dark in real life. The stone is a lovely subtle rose color and not for anyone wanting a hot, hot pink ring as a bauble. This is actually an understated ring and not a massive piece of bling. Pair it with a silver ring or wedding band. Pink CZ rings are a unique engagement ring choice for those who wish to steer away from tradition.


Quinn’s Engagement Ring – Asscher Cut CZ Ring for $89; for anyone looking for affordable imitation antique engagement rings, this design will delight you. Although the stones may be a little large for traditional antique rings, many customers have written to say the ring in real life is not as ostentatious as it looks, and everyone loves the delicate details on the band. It’s unanimous that this CZ engagement rings’ sparkle is excellent. Pair this with white gold rings or even titanium rings to have matching wedding bands.


Canary Princess Three Stone CZ Ring for $275 is similar to the other canary diamond imitations, however this one is set into an faux gold ring setting with one princess cut canary cubic zirconia and two clear CZ baguettes. This ring is not a “ready to wear” item, but must be custom ordered, and may take up to 6 weeks to receive. It is also a nickel free ring.

Princess cut engagement rings are considered the most popular and most versatile with excellent fire.


Pampalona Engagement Ring – 3 Stone CZ Ring for $39 is a large, square imitation diamond offset by triangular clear CZ stones on either side and is quite large and dramatic. However the simplicity of the setting and the 4 prong setting is elegant and clean.

loose diamonds

Many ladies are using sterling silver cz rings as a wedding ring and engagement ring combined. If it’s large and unusual, it may be enough all on it’s own to be both. Just be careful about the stone not being loosened, because even genuine diamonds in prong setting sometimes come loose. If it should fall out or be too loose for comfort, you can send it back to Emitations and have it exchanged for another.

Loosing stones in diamonds rings is NOT unique to CZ creations, but something that happens even in expensive genuine settings from time to time. It can be caused by different air pressers during shipping by air, or the temperature differences from where the setting was created to where you live. It is not always a reflection of poor workmanship.


Patrice’s Three Stone CZ Eternity Ring $45. This is a unique eternity ring because although it has cz stones around the band it also has three main ones that stand out on top and that is why it is a three stone ring and an eternity ring in one. It is a stand alone piece of jewelry good for day or evening wear.

sharlas channel set cz eternity ring

As an engagement ring it could be paired with an eternity band, full or half eternity ring, or a plain silver band, just make sure that if you go for an eternity ring option you find one that has similar shaped diamonds and that the band is a similar width. Engagement ring settings should be similar to the wedding ring designs so that even if they are not purchased a wedding set, hey will appear to match.

Menlo Park

Menlo Park 14k Gold CZ Ring for $235 has a large yellow diamond CZ stone as the focal point and is set in gold. It’s more expensive than the other Emitations products but that’s because of the gold. Most CZ cocktail rings are a bit over the top, but this one is a very tasteful ring that mixes sparkle with simplicity in just the right formula for everyday or special occasions.

plain gold wedding band

Pair this ring with simple gold bands and do not add yellow diamond eternity rings to take away from its simple clean elegance.

Although Emitations does not have many pure gold ring designs, this one is worthy of note because the quality of this collection of inspired designer engagement rings comes at an unbeatable low price.


Lindsay’s Canary Oval Three Stone CZ Ring for $70, differs from the other canary cz rings because of the shape of the stone being oval, which is unique even in genuine yellow diamond settings. It is a bit too large to be believable at 4 carats but it’s fantastic as an alternative for an antique ring or a bauble. It’s also a nickel free creation so you can wear it without allergic reactions.

If you’re looking for anniversary rings this may be a good option because it has delicate details that give it a rich old world feeling.

It can also act as a stand in for a genuine antique engagement ring that has a similar setting but may be too costly to take on vacations abroad or to wear everyday. That is something many people forget about and that is having a duplicate or something similar to the genuine ring so that it can be worn without worry protecting the real engagement rings or gemstone rings from loss or damage.


Kaysha’s Trillion Cut Garnet CZ Ring for $45 is a truly unique design because of the triangular trillion cut garnet hued CZ center stone that is encircled by round faux diamonds. The rich red tones are excellent for an imitation garnet ring and the simplicity of the delicate sterling silver band makes this piece a very believable alternative to genuine garnet or ruby rings. Fashion rings that mimic ruby rings have never looked this real.

Other CZ Jewelry Specialties of Emitations

jessicas stud earrings
katie holms inspired necklace

Aside from these gorgeous imitations, Emitations also specializes in CZ necklaces, CZ stud earrings and lots of gorgeous CZ bracelets and cuff bracelets at great prices. They also have a complete line of celebrity engagement rings and designer inspired jewelry, as well as watches, women’s Hip Hop jewelry, hair accessories, brooches and even birthstone rings and charm bracelets.


For ladies jewelry rings, bracelets, pendants, silver earrings, imitation or synthetic emerald rings, elegant men’s rings, and even genuine gold rings, Emitations seems to have it covered.

CZ Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings for Couples Just Starting Out

If you go to excellent diamond sellers and jewelers like Tacori, Tiffany or DeBeers, you will find that many diamond ring creations cost thousands of dollars. Jewelry designers who make ladies rings, mens ring styles and wedding sets with genuine stones can set a newly engaged or married couple back financially for a long time. That is why many couples are choosing eternity bands or second hand antique wedding rings, or bridal rings that are less expensive, like the CZ ring styles that mimic expensive designer rings but allow for less initial expenditure.

liezels cz engagement ring

Later, when a couple has the resources, genuine gemstone engagement rings and wedding ring designs may replace the original CZ wedding rings. Simulated diamonds for CZ engagement rings may look real or not, it’s not important as long as the couple are both in agreement about selecting cheap CZ rings.


There’s nothing shameful in saving some money and still enjoying a bit of sparkle. While Tacori engagement rings are exquisite, and Tiffany rings never go out of style, and DeBeers will always have diamonds, there is no reason why genuine diamond rings can’t be obtained in a few years when it’s not a financial hardship. In the meantime, select something practical from Emitations and let CZ rings give you the freedom to enjoy other things in married life besides jewelry.

Emitations Earrings

In order to help you save money and still look great, not just on your wedding day but at the office and at home, here are a few more Emitations creations in CZ simulated gemstone earring styles, chandelier earrings, clip earrings, and other earring jewelry:

    avrils earrings
  • 1.5 TCW Jessica’s Prong Stud Earrings for just under $19.
  • crown-cz-stud-earrings
  • Crown CZ Stud Earrings for $35.
  • alexias
  • 4 TCW Jessica’s Stud Earrings for about $25.
  • Mirna’s 10.6 TCW Cushion Cut Clear CZ Diamond Earrings for $35.
  • Lana’s Cluster CZ Stud Earrings for $35.
  • Charline’s Clip-On Hoop Earrings – Large silver hoop earrings for under $25.
  • Raina’s Magnetic Earrings – Clear CZ Studs for $55.
  • phyllis-sapphire-CZ-pear-stud-earrings
  • Mikayla’s Multi-Stone Cushion Cut CZ Dangle Earrings for $75.
  • elis-pink-cz-earrings
  • Midori’s Fancy Oval CZ Emerald Dangle Earrings for just under $80.
  • cheris-earrings-cz
  • Beryl’s Green Crystal Chandelier Earrings for just under $30.
  • Flowing Drops Chandelier CZ Earrings for just under $80.
  • Megan’s 5 TCW Cushion Cut CZ Diamond Stud Earrings in pink for about $35.

Emitations Mens Wedding Rings

Mens ring styles are often simpler but more difficult to select in general because men wear such few jewelry items that the ones they will wear must be selected with great care and attention to their individual lifestyle and tastes.


Men tend to be less flashy and so men ring designs may have fewer stones and less glitter and glam. However, even though they may be less expensive, even for genuine diamonds, they are often still too expensive, and that is why zirconia rings are a great option for mens wedding rings, wedding bands, and even for tanzanite rings; real men’s ring style to match their bride’s engagement or wedding set.

Here are some mens ring options from a company called Emitations that offers discount CZ rings (and discount jewelry) for every budget:

  • Apollo’s Rotating Male Symbol Ring for under $35, that features a rotating band made of stainless with the outer part being brushed metal male symbols etched all around this mens ring.
  • aristos mens ring
  • Aristo’s Rotating Greek Design Men’s Ring for under $35, which is a designer inspired ring made of black stainless steel and a Greek G pattern or an ode to a famous men’s jewelry designer.
  • Calvin’s Black & Steel Men’s Ring for about $32, is a sleek stylish mens ring for any occasion and all styles. It has no inscriptions or etchings or gemstones…just a steel band in black. For a simple wedding band or just a great mens ring, the price is certainly right!
  • dons mens ring
  • Jupiter’s Men’s Stainless Steel Ring for $32, which features roman numerals.
  • Don’s Stainless Steel Men’s Band for under $25 is a classy silver tone steel ring with a delicate tribal pattern. It’s classy enough to be a mens wedding band.
  • mitchells mens ring
  • Mitchell’s Stainless Steel CZ Men’s Ring $35 is an excellent choice for a groom. It has 5 cubic zirconia gems in a thick band, just enough sparkle to match her rings and enough masculinity to be manly. It’s an excellent promise ring or anniversary ring as well and it’s not too ostentatious for a semi-conservative man.
  • tonys mens ring
  • Tony’s Stainless Steel Band for $30 is a classic mens ring that can be a clean fashion statement or a wedding band. Very versatile and modern without any decoration.
  • Brian’s Stainless Steel Men’s Ring $27, is another good versatile mens ring choice for a wedding band or simply as a gift. It could also be a lovely groomsmen ring as a present or thank you from the groom.
  • Jamie’s Stainless Steel Roman Numeral Men’s Ring $33.with classic roman numerals
  • Andrew’s Greek Design Stainless Steel Men’s Ring $35.with a classic Greek motif.
  • Shane’s Black Men’s Band $ a simple black band for men.
  • Jacob’s Engraved Dragon Ring $45, features a dragon embossed on the band.
  • rogelios-mens-ring
  • Felipe’s Tribal Design Stainless Steel Men’s Ring for under $29, is a simple design that I don’t recommend for a wedding band, but is great for groomsmen gifts or just as a gift for any man who likes good jewelry.
  • Rogelio’s Two Tone CZ Eternity Band for under $75, is a gold and silver band with CZ diamonds in a small rectangular box. It is quite a flashy ring and will be best for a wedding band that goes with a man who likes a bit of bling on his hand.

Mens Rings Under $20

todds mens ring

Todd’s Men’s Stainless Steel Ring $16.50 This is one very classy ring that could be a wedding band with no questions asked. It has a two dimensional band with an opening in the center where a small CZ diamond rests as if floating on air. It’s a unique yet simple design for a man who doesn’t need much bling.

Joe’s Black Enamel Men’s Stainless Steel Ring for under $20. Trendy mens ring for a young gentleman. Features an inner rubber ring, looks a tad too industrial to be a wedding band.

Edward’s Medieval Cross 2 Piece Stainless Steel Men’s Ring
for under $20.

nicks mens ring

Nick’s Wide Grooved Stainless Steel Men’s Ring for under $20. Classic. Simple.

Emmett’s Stainless Steel Men’s Skull Ring
under $20.

Jasper’s Narrow Grooved Men’s Stainless Steel Ring
under $20

Seth’s Black Rubber Stainless Steel Men’s Ring
under $20.

patricks mens ring

Mens Rings Over $100

Patrick’s Unique CZ Men’s Wedding Band for just under $150 is a gorgeous choice for a mens wedding band. It has just one visible round faux CZ diamond on the outside of the band and one faux diamond (bezel set) inside the ring to symbolize inner strength. It is said to also represent that the man who wears this ring is in touch with the giver. It may be a wonderful mens wedding band coming from his bride who recognizes his inner qualities and uses a symbolic ring to express it. This CZ wedding ring is a great choice at a wonderful low price.


Charlie’s Two Tone Men’s Eternity Band for under $150 is a lovely wedding band for a man. It has a secret diamond CZ inside, as well. The two tones of silver and gold make it very versatile as a wedding band or for a fashion statement.

David’s Hidden CZ Sterling Silver Eternity Band for under $150 is a simple elegant silver band with a scored pattern that encircles the ring.

davids mens ring

It also has a secret CZ stone inside the band to symbolize inner strength and constant contact with a loved one. It’s a classic mens wedding band with a teeny twist of symbolic love. When it comes to a mens silver CZ ring it doesn’t get much better.

I have selected the above styles to show some of the more unusual mens rings available, however there are less unique and more traditional wedding band styles for men, and bands that match perfectly with the women’s rings as well.

Shopping for CZ Jewelry Online

diamond store engagementrings

The great thing about being able to shop for jewelry online is that you can view hundreds of zirconia ring creations in a very short span of time. For antique CZ ring styles you can select and view only the styles you want without having to wait for cabinets to be opened or salespeople to attend to you. There aren’t items in back rooms gathering dust that no one remembers to show you, but lots and lots of designs that you can select on your own.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

When searching for CZ solitaire rings or custom engagement rings you may even be able to design your own engagement ring. If you want genuine diamonds you can select your ring and the loose diamonds and have them put together at places like The Diamond Store (UK), or you can get online engagement ring designers to make what you want.

design your own ring

Another very funky online store where you can design your own engagement ring is Cool Diamonds. Unfortunately they only offer genuine diamond creations and not CZ engagement rings. Another shop that offers you the ability to design your own ring is Diamond On Net.

Discount CZ Rings

Perhaps when selecting a genuine diamond as an investment or choosing real stones for a special creation you will want to have the quality verified by a jeweler in person, but when shopping for discount CZ rings or even a particular vintage CZ ring, you can just as well make a selection online. And you’re not limited to what one shop has to offer you, because you just as easily find an aquamarine ring, turquoise rings, tanzanite rings, or Celtic engagement rings by doing a search for exactly what you want. But there’s still a problem….


The Problem of TOO MUCH and TOO MANY

Even online there are far too many shops, with far too much selection, and finding the exact shop with good quality rings can still be a challenge, never mind finding that one single piece you’re after.

That is why people read jewelry reviews and try to get recommendations from those in the jewelry world or from other customers or friends.

loose diamonds

So you may appreciate that I have done some investigating and recommend Emitations as a one stop shop for CZ jewelry rings and cubic zirconia wedding sets as well as bridal jewelry, custom rings and all jewelry zirconia settings you can imagine. It’s all there, easily laid out in menus and ready for you to click without searching shop after shop.

And by the way, I don’t work for them and don’t sell their products. I simply think they’re a really great online jewelry shop.