A Guide To Simulated, Cultured and Man Made Diamonds

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Man made diamonds can be identical to mined diamonds just that aren’t mined from inside the earth but grown in chambers!

That’s what the scientists and technicians at Gemesis Cultured Diamonds are about…not imitating the hard sought-after gemstone by using synthetic components to create faux stones, and not by skillfully crafting simulant diamonds, but by really making diamonds! How? By placing seed diamonds into special pressure chambers with carbon, created or cultured diamonds are grown, and are in fact diamond.

Cultured Diamonds

Cultured, lab created, simulated, stimulant diamonds and man made diamonds are often confused and all thought to mean about the same thing….a lovely sparkly faux gem that isn’t real…like cubic zirconia or the newest innovation of created moissanite that looks very much like the real thing but isn’t. Not so with Gemesis cultured diamonds. They are physically, chemically and optically identical to the stones that are painstakingly mined from Africa and other parts of the world where the elements and conditions have been adequate to form natural diamonds over thousands of years.

The Cost Of Man Made Diamond Gemstone Jewelry

Although created or cultured diamonds are for sale in jewelry at about 4 or 5 times less than the price of the equivalent mined gemstones, they are still by no means cheap, in fact a piece of jewelry, such as a very simple solitaire engagement ring with a .17 carat blue created diamond, in 14k white gold setting, will cost over $600. And a gorgeous .44 carat canary yellow diamond set in a white gold band with accenting white Canadian diamonds costs about $1,600. However, the equivalent blue or yellow diamond ring that incorporates a fancy colored gem mined from the earth would cost thousands, not a few hundred, and in some cases the stones are so rare to find naturally that it may not only be expensive to own such jewelry but difficult to obtain due to scarcity.

Where To Buy Fancy Colored Cultured Diamonds Online

The Gemesis cultured diamonds are created only in the vivid yellow and rare orange, although there are vibrant blue diamonds that are available from other manufacturers and are crafted into beautiful jewelry and sold through the same dealer as the Gemesis stones. That outlet is an online distributor of fine cultured and man made diamonds called JewelNet.

Russian Made Diamonds

It is interesting to note that in 1999 when created or man made diamond technology took on commercial viability in the US, it was due to a team of Russian scientists who actually began the process in the 80’s, where, according to Science Daily, the high pressure machines churned out the first gem-quality diamonds in the Siberian town of Novosibirsk. And instead of thousands of years, it was possible to have a gem in about 50 hours! (However, in an issue of Science Daily from 2008, a team at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory experimented with growing diamonds using a chemical vapor process and low pressure and were able to create gems much faster and with fewer defects.)

The initial Russian man made diamonds, as the ones since devolved using the same technology (especially in Florida, USA), are in every way identical to the chemical composition of a diamond, in other words, 100% carbon, however they did not have the inclusions that natural diamonds have, and therefore did not have the “paired nitrogen impurity atoms” (quote from Science Daily), but instead were single atoms at an atomic level. However, it is noteworthy that a jewelry would be unable to distinguish a mined diamond for a created one and a thermal conductivity test would offer proof of it being a genuine diamond.

Simulant Diamonds

Simulated diamonds are not the same thing as created ones (which are physically and chemically the same as a diamond), but instead are completely other materials that resemble the look, brilliance, sparkle, fire, or general appeal of the coveted gem. Diamonds simulated from other natural elements may include topaz or white sapphire or may be formed from synthetic materials.

Currently, the best simulated diamonds are cubic zirconia, which is in fact zirconium dioxide, and the gems may be improved by having a carbon diamond coating; and moissanite, which is a simulated diamond but much more expensive to produce in gem-quality than the CZ. A type of faux diamond that has become popular is called Russian Brilliants, and although beautiful and an affordable alternative to diamonds and even to moissanite, we want to make it clear that they are simulated and not grown. They are faux gems like CZs and not 100% carbon like the original Russian creations.

So if you are looking to buy genuine cultured diamonds you may want to try places like Takara Diamonds and JewelNet. At the time of writing this article, we are unable to find a distributor that sells white cultured diamond jewelry, at the moment all the top jewelers are working with fancy colored ones.

However, white ones are beginning to be produced and the technology is expanding rapidly. When we have news pertaining to the availability of man made diamond rings and jewelry that is authentic carbon diamond, lab created under pressure, and are white or transparent like natural diamonds, we will offer such information as it becomes available. Please be aware that the current dealers who are selling products in white gems that are “simulated”, yet certify that their stones have a high diamond-like carbon content, are not in fact NOT grown in a lab, and are not much better than a carbon enhanced cubic zirconia. They are simulants and not cultured gems.

An online shop called Miadonna is a stunning place to visit, and they have every kind of diamond, from hybrids, to CZs to genuine lab created (or cultured or grown) real diamonds and have a wide variety of prices and colors. However, although you will see many hybrid white diamond simulants, take note that the only true grown gems are still only available in the gorgeous yellow and orange hues like the Gemesis ones we spoke about at the outset.

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