A Three Stone Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

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CHEAP 3 Stone Engagement Ring designs with clear and colored simulated diamonds; affordable engagement rings UNDER $50; cheap wedding rings; unusual eternity band creations; contemporary and traditional mountings; bezel, pave and prong settings – the latest trends, the best prices!

The Latest Simulated Diamonds In Three Stone Settings

If you think all 3 stone engagement ring designs are three clear gems set side by side, all the same and all rather plain and boring, you need to look at the 3 stones we’ve found for you. How about a central square aquamarine CZ gem and two slender clear baguettes? How about a high polished rhodium plated band with the three gemstones for just $31? Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

What’s Available in Unusual Setting Using Simulated Diamonds

A three stone ring needn’t even have the three gems set together, but can have a series of square stones, like the featured piece, with princess-cut canary colored simulated diamonds in a thick, somewhat eternity-style, band.

There are no rules in jewelry, just the limitations of designer’s imaginations, and in some cases, designers have very few limits. You don’t need to have a classic engagement ring at all. Who says you can’t have sparkling squares or triangles of yellow, purple, blue or red. YOU DECIDE. It’s about YOU and your partner, not the world of diamond and gemstone retailers.

A SINGLE Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Look at what you can have, but remember that this choice is about A SINGLE cubic zirconia engagement ring and not about a whole shop full of great styles. It’s about the ONE piece that’s YOU. Here are a few more to help you find your color and shape. Remember, all are really CHEAP, under $50 (just a few are $51 or $52), so you don’t need to ask “how much?” and then find out it’s not in your budget…just browse and find the one…..RELAX….

  1. For $35 you can have this delicate softly colored lavender amethyst cubic zirconia engagement rings that has the classic three stones. The central stone is colored and the two side stones are clear, set in 925 sterling silver…ready to wear. Choose your ring size 5 through 9 and that’s it. Where? Sparkles Forever.
  2. For $37 choose an unusual three stone design that’s neither square nor rectangular but has a marquis cut central gem, which imitates the rare canary diamond. The two side gems, which accent the marquis stone, are triangular, or trillium-shaped, clear CZs perfectly cut to fit the delicate silver band.
  3. For exactly $50 select this extraordinary 3 stone engagement ring that’s crafted from nickel-free silver that’s rhodium finished to mimic the rich polished look of white gold. The central stone is a round cut and the side gems are half-rounds, while the entire three circles are further accented with teeny clear stones to give an extra bit of brilliance. Another excellent buy from Sparkles Forever – the specialists in cheap wedding rings with quality simulated diamonds.
  4. Princess cut engagement rings with classic settings that have three stones to represent the past, the present and the future, are also available with clear CZ gemstones. Very affordable and beautifully mounted in sterling silver over rhodium, with prong-set simplicity, is the Triplet, which is also a design used as an anniversary ring. Great value is offered when shopping at Sparkles Forever because the piece we feature costs just $37.

An Affordable Alternative To A White Gold Engagement Ring

If you’re wishing you could afford a white gold engagement ring, but can’t stretch the budget to accommodate a couple hundred dollars, the best option is a silver setting that’s nickel-free and electroplated to help eliminate the tarnishing factor. There are such creations available, even in the styles that mimic designer engagement rings and celebrity replicas, and these also cost a lot less than you might imagine – some around $50, all under $100.

Here are some ideas for what you can choose.

  1. The emerald cut is one of the most elegant shapes for any gem, and many celebrities and designers are using colored stones and settings that incorporate three gems, like sapphire or blue tanzanite, then accenting with baguette cut gems that are clear. The replicas of these pieces are still affordable, like the 3 stone emerald cut sapphire CZ ring, priced at just $60. How can you go wrong with a four carat simulated sapphire, in the classic square emerald-cut, with step-cut baguettes along each side, set in a high polished rhodium plated sterling silver mounting that has a touch of art deco.
  2. The popular princess cut engagement rings are also available in sterling silver with canary simulated diamonds and a central clear gemstone. For traditional but with a twist of color, this is an excellent choice, especially for ladies with delicate hands. The design of the band has a hint of antiqued silver along the two sides of the shank with delicately carved details, making the piece distinctive. It’s a bargain at just $37.
  3. Perhaps one of the most sought after and intriguing three stone ring design is that which doesn’t look like a traditional engagement ring or wedding band at all, and is therefore called the Mystic. The features of the ring that make it so elegant are that it blends the prong set three main stones with a series of pave stones set around and open lattice-style band. Although known as a pave engagement ring, it is in fact not purely crafted with low set stones, but a balanced arrangement of high-set gems and flat stones that are set into an electroplated band. This particular piece is good value because the metal is forged with a blend of rhodium and white gold, bonded for a platinum-like finish. The piece costs just $38.

In case some of you are wondering what rhodium is all about, then you might be interested in knowing that although it’s used for affordable pieces of jewelry, it’s actually a high quality metal related to platinum, rather expensive in its pure state, but used as a coating over other metals to create a lustrous surface that resembles platinum. It isn’t suppose to tarnish or cause allergies. If a white gold wedding band or a platinum engagement ring is out of the question, white gold and rhodium electroplated and bonded so as to create layered coatings of metals can be a very good alternative. It’s affordable, in fact really cheap, and is known to last longer than most costume jewelry pieces.

Eternity Ring Bands And Matching Bridal Sets In CZ

Matching an eternity band to a classic cubic zirconia engagement ring can create a complete bridal set that’s traditional in style or chic and contemporary. Many contemporary engagement rings can be accented very well with a half eternity ring or a three stone band.

Here are some ideas for how to pair your rings to create really CHEAP yet stylish sets:

  1. For just $59, you can have TWO rings in a gorgeous wedding set that really stands out. Why is this set chosen as a feature? Because it offers a nickel-free silver mounting, which we believe is very important. Hypoallergenic metals are usually more expensive, however silver that contains no nickel is usually considered one that will be safe even for sensitive skin. Next, the 3 stone engagement rings often have no other gems and the three main stones may too large for some smaller ladies hands, however, this design is delicate, with a central prong design that somewhat looks like a solitaire, but is actually accented by two other gems, a teardrop and a circle. It’s the ultimate in blending shapes of stones without looking fussy or cluttered. The matching band is styled after a half eternity band, but is delicately carved with fine details to match the engagement ring. It’s difficult to imagine that this set costs less than most cheap costume jewelry items, and yet is crafted in 925 sterling silver and is covered in quality CZ gems.
  2. The Estate Pavé Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets by Sparkles Forever is one that stands out because it offers an eternity band that incorporates a type of filigree accenting with a vintage or antique flare, while the pave engagement ring is a masterpiece of lacey craftsmanship. The features of the ring include a large central gem at the top of the shank and a series of scallops dotted with sparkling CZs, dramatic yet delicate in a way that only the filigree design is able to achieve.
  3. The final item we present is a minimalist item that’s elegant, classic and contemporary all in the same breath. It’s a solitaire without being a true single gem creation, it’s delicate and yet large. It’s one of those pieces that could be paired with a wedding band or worn alone. It’s exquisite and costs only $42. The central stone is a cushion-cut oval shaped CZ set in a thin eternity band with round CZs encircling the finger. An engagement ring and an eternity band, all in one, requires no other accents – it’s a piece all it’s own.

How Much To Spend

These are our suggestions for really CHEAP cubic zirconia rings for an engagement that are unique and tasteful. From three stone engagement rings to minimalist solitaire styles and even filigree, we recommend not spending more than $30 to $60 (definitely not more than $100) for a ring, or a set of two bridal items, that are crafted in silver or use the rhodium plating technology. If you desire solid 14k white gold white gold engagement rings then please see other feature articles that deal with more expensive, yet affordable simulated diamond choices.

More Options In CZ Jewelry

Don’t forget to buy earrings for the bride and bridesmaids, and to help you decide what’s the best and where to shop online for great bargains, that are also of exceptional quality, view the post entitled 14k White Gold Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings For Sale Online.

For more ideas regarding CZ Engagement Rings as well as Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings that are a cut above most imitations, please browse our free information guides.

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