Cubic Zirconia Rings – CZ Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Earrings, Men’s Cubic Zirconia Rings, and How to Care for your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – that’s what we’re all about.

Cubic Zirconia versus Diamonds is not just about the price and we will show you why it’s about dazzling sparkle and designer styles and options for gemstone jewelry you never thought you could own. See for yourself the newest and best quality modern imitation diamond CZ RINGS that are now being mixed into Tanzanite Rings and fabulous Cubic Zirconia engagement and wedding ring sets that astonish.

We answer the questions everyone is asking:

  • What is a Cubic Zirconia? Is it the same as CZ?
  • Will Everyone Know it’s Not a Diamond?
  • Are there vintage Rings or Antique Engagement Rings in Cubic Zirconia?
  • Why are cubic zirconia rings and tanzanite rings often linked together?
  • What do Zirconia and Tanzanite have in common?
  • What is Genuine Tanzanite?
  • Is the Supply of Tanzanite Depleted?
  • How is Tanzanite Graded?
  • Are Cubic zirconia rings really FLAWLESS and brilliant?
  • What are the most obvious differences between diamond and cubic zirconia rings?

  • Are Cubic Zirconia Rings an alternative to Diamonds for engagement and wedding rings?

We discuss settings and grading of CZ gemstones, offer lists of ring choices in silver and traditional Gold Rings with cubic zirconia stones. We offer suggestions on selecting cluster diamond rings or a simple yellow gold band or a large CZ solitaire or White Gold Rings or Antique Rings, or Emerald Rings with cubic zirconia pave set accents. We have selected some unusual Pearl Rings and Ruby Rings as a diamond engagement ring alternative. We have scoured the internet for the best CZ Designer Rings and full Wedding Ring Sets and eternity rings with zirconia and Men’s Rings in titanium settings.

The information we provide is exactly that – information, NOT a sales pitch. We do not sell jewelry or cubic zirconia rings nor do we profit by recommending specific brands or designer names. We simply offer internet readers reviews and suggestions so they can better select what may be some of the most important jewelry of their lives – their engagement and wedding rings.

Follow one of our Spanish writers, who was married not long ago to a Polish artist in Hong Kong, as she shares with internet readers the experience of her engagement and marriage, which was anything but ordinary. Here is an excerpt from one of her articles:

“I hadn’t seen him for two months when he finally arrived at the Chiang Kai Shek airport. I didn’t know he’d come to the island. He took a taxi to the Taiwanese village where I lived, snuck into the cabin and hid in the dark until I returned from my assignment. Upon my return, after a delightful fright, he asked me to marry him while we were yet in the dark. He didn’t have an engagement ring…instead he had a…

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