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Clear and Colored Loose Cubic Zirconia Gemstones; Hand Cut and Machine Cut; Unique Cutting Techniques; Unusual Colors; Custom Work; 25 Years Experience – for Manufacturers, Designers, Jewelers or Anyone Involved in Crafting CZ Wedding Rings and Fine CZ Jewelry, Buying High Quality Stones Direct From Asia Makes Sense!

Where To Buy Stones For Custom CZ Wedding Ring Designs

If you’re involved in the production of CZ wedding ring sets, anniversary rings, high fashion women’s wedding bands, cubic zirconia bridal sets, wedding bands for men or any type of high-end wedding jewelry, and are currently looking for a new distributor of quality cubic zirconia gemstones, both white, translucent or colored, then it’s worth looking into one of the premier manufacturers and cutters of these stones in the Asia-Pacific Rim. The Hsin Yi Group is a company with offices located in Taiwan, and branches across Asia –Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Bangkok Thailand.

They manufacture and cut synthetic gems and cubic zirconia and have trademarked some unique cutting designs that bring out the splendor of their near flawless stones. After more than 5 years of controlled research into zirconia cutting technology, they created two specific gemstone cuts that have become their trademark. One is the eight Arrows design and the other is called the eight Hearts cut. The precise cuts brings out the maximum brilliance of the stones while maintaining strength and hardness, meaning a higher tolerance to chipping and breaking. They cut only the stones that have been subjected to a rigorous grading process, therefore offering a high-grade product for jewelers who wish to utilize the best stones in unique creations.

While the canary colored gems, and the white or clear stones, are ideal for those who craft CZ wedding rings and bridal jewelry, the rich blues and lavenders that replicate the colors of some natural gems, as well as the ones that mimic rubies and amethysts, and even peridot, are of a brilliance and quality that can be used in fine high fashion and costume jewelry of all types.

Many of the newest styles of anniversary rings are using larger gemstones with unusual cuts, allowing people who have limited budgets to indulge in jewel-laden creations that would be otherwise unaffordable. Colored gems are also used in birthstone rings, family rings, and celebrity jewelry replicas. Finding the colors and rich tones necessary can be a challenge for those who are designers, jewelers or custom craftsmen, which is why having a distributor who will provide exactly what you require for custom pieces is essential. The Hsin Yi corporation offers a variety of options for those who wish to purchase their products.

As leaders in the cubic zirconia rings and synthetic gemstone industry in Asia, they keep abreast of current developments and technology, and also add their expertise to the industry by participating in the international events that shape the jewelry and gemstone world. As such, they were present at the forty-fifth Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in February of 2010 as well as at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, which was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in March 2010.

Later in June 2010, they formed part of the exclusive summer Hong Kong Jewelry Fair and were amongst the active participants of the acclaimed India International Jewellery Show that was held in August of 2010. As we write this article, the talented team from Hsin Yi Co cubic zirconia manufacturing and distributing were preparing for exhibitions at the forty-sixth Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair to be held in September of 2010 and then immediately after to the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair at the end of September.

If you are able to attend one of these Asian Jewelry Fairs you will be in a position to meet with the team of professionals and discuss your needs, however, if you wish to contact their offices and see how they handle the cutting or delivery of the gemstones, which you may require for crafting your exclusive designs of CZ wedding ring designs, then here is a list of their offices and their contact information:

One of their main branch offices is located in Taipei:

8F-7, 21, Chung Hsiao E. Rd., Sec. 6 Nangang District
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. 11575

They can be reached by telephone at (886)-2-27887918

If you would like to personally contact a representative, please direct your inquiries to Mrs. Kao.

Their Thailand office is located in Bangkok:

130/8 Moo 1 Kanchanapisek Road
Bangphai Bangkhae, Bangkok, Thailand, 10160

They can be reached by telephone at (662)-8041311

There are two different contacts in this office, one is Mr. Winson Hsu who is in charge of local ales, and Miss Karn Manee who handles international orders.

Their Hong Kong offices go under the name of the Hsin Yi Gems Co of Hong Kong and they’re located in Kowloon:

Flat G, 11/F Winner Block, 36 Man Yue Street,
Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Mr Raymond Lau can be reached at telephone (852)-27656686

They have other liaison offices, one in Dongguang Mainland China and the other in Shenzhen. Mr. Yu is the main contact at the Dongguang office and Mr. Hsiao is who to contact at the Shenzhen one. There is a third liaison office in Quingdao, headed by Mr. Tseng and the mainland China Factory which can be contacted by dialing (86)-774-2989888.

It is a good idea to contact the Hong Kong, Taipei or Bangkok offices if service in English is required.

Jewelers and designers, even manufactures of CZ wedding rings that require untraditional gems such as imitation rubies, sapphires, jade, even champagne, chocolate or canary diamonds, are recommended to consider international sources for obtaining faux gems. We suggest contacting the above offices and requesting samples of the stones or placing a small initial order. For those who need items to craft a single custom CZ wedding ring set at a time, we recommend taking advantage of bulk buying and thereby having several different stone choices on hand. The investment in a small inventory of the most popular shapes and colors can be well worth it, since it will allow your clients to choose their gems from your personal catalogue.

Don’t limit yourself to white or clear simulated diamonds if you specialize in wedding jewelry. Remember that bridesmaids will more often wear colored stones even if the bride has chosen clear CZs or pearls.

Expand your collections into anniversary rings, and even unique wedding bands for men that have small colored gems, especially the champagne, canary or coffee colored ones. Creating matching mens and women’s wedding bands may be a challenge if you don’t have the stones you need to work with, or a reliable source, however, there’s no reason to loose opportunities if you can order your stones direct from Asia.

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