Asscher, Emerald and Cushion Cut CZ Engagement Rings

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Top Ziamond CZ engagement rings white gold or platinum, celebrity inspired; elegant Asscher, emerald and cushion cut designs starting at just $295! Complete sets like 1 carat emerald cut engagement rings with matching bands for just $550.

Why Buy Ziamond Instead Of Diamond?

After reviewing a variety of products, we feature the top CZ jewelry designers and manufacturers. Some are more impressive than others. For example we’re extremely impressed by Ziamond. Why? Not only because they offer exceptionally well crafted jewelry, but also because they dare to express the OPPOSITE of what many jewelers promote. Paraphrasing from Ziamond, we repeat and applaud the sentiments they promote, such as NOT getting caught investing all your savings in a wedding ring!

They suggest what we also believe: buy Cubic Zirconia engagement rings and take the money you save and live; spend more on your honeymoon, or at least don’t start married life in debt over a piece of jewelry. You probably agree and that’s why you’re here. So, go ahead, take a look at the top choices for:


1. Asscher cut engagement rings, which are a square shape (originally named after the Dutch Asscher brothers who designed this cut around the turn of the century), are often confused with emerald cut stones. This is because they have a similar shape, but in fact the Asscher is different because of the way the corners are also cut, or cropped (see images to compare). One famous ring that featured this style of cut was the Sex and The City piece that Aiden offered to Carrie, and although that was before the BIG event, the piece itself remains well-loved. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Ashlee Simpson and other celebrities have been spotted wearing this particular cut of stone. It’s a very elegant, somewhat dramatic cut that accents larger gemstones better than small ones. Excellent for CZ stones that are affordable even in larger carats.


2. Emerald cut engagement rings use the sophistication of the simple rectangular shaped stone, which is stepped in the way that emeralds are traditionally cut. The diamond usually needs to be a very high grade to achieve maximum brilliance and good fire, making it one of the more expensive genuine diamond cuts. However in a CZ, it’s affordable and an excellent choice for classic elegance. This is the cut perhaps best known as the stone in the ring Elizabeth Taylor received from Richard Burton, but is also the same design that Sex And The City star, Charlotte, received when she became engaged to Harry.


3. Cushion cut engagement rings are patterned after the way in which antique and/or old mine diamonds were once cut. Cushion cut may be easy to remember by thinking of a pillow that’s soft yet square. Due to the way in which the facets are done, it’s not the most brilliant, however, it’s becoming a much more popular style because of its romantic connotation.

Now that you know the three most elegant shapes, here are some of the outstanding choices you can get from Ziamond:

In their COLORED Cubic Zirconia engagement ring collections there are some unusual designs like the Jen ring, which is a simulated pink diamond, with a full carat radiant emerald cut CZ in the center, that also has accenting gems on either side. Set in 14k white gold, this unique piece of jewelry costs only $495. You can order a different sized gem, up to 6.5 carats, and set the stone in yellow or white gold as well as platinum. Even the top version with a massive 4 carat central stone, known as the Bennifer ring, that also has .75 carats of side stones and is set in genuine platinum is still a steal of a deal at $2,600.

Genuine precious metal CZ engagement rings white gold designs from the same fancy solitaire collection, include the Basteque ring that features a one carat emerald cut stone in canary yellow (or other color) set in what is called a “basket” and further accented by side stones that are pave set and contrast the rectangular central gem by being round. The wide band is a woven design that is truly unusual.

Continuing onto yellow gold CZ engagement rings with colored gems, there’s a series within the collection called the Carlton, which has the Cushion designs that come in all the colors you can imagine and are customizable, including being interchangeable with different stone cuts. However, the most elegant and dramatic pieces are those that are somewhat rectangular or square like the one we show here with a 1.5 carat CZ simulated canary colored diamond, which is prong set, and accented by clear round stones. The band is wide and therefore accommodated the extra stones, for a total of 3 carats.

Antique CZ engagement rings, crafted after the famous Winston Asscher designs, are available in complete two piece bridal sets like the Art Deco pieces we feature here with a central Asscher inspired stone and a setting called a split prong basket. This engagement ring comes with a matching wedding band that includes pave set stones all around. You can choose a variety of stone sizes and the price varies according to your custom specifications, but starts at under $1,500 and goes up to about $2,000 for the 4 carat option. This is one of the more elaborate sets. Remember that it includes two rings for that price.

CZ Engagement Rings In White Gold Versus Silver

There’s a reason the fine jewelers use white and yellow gold even when crafting pieces in cubic zirconia. The reason is that gold offers sizing versatility, better quality mountings that won’t tarnish or get old looking as quickly. They also use gold because the CZ gems are high quality and merit being placed in a precious metal so that even if you choose to replace the stones later for something better, you don’t loose the original mountings that retain the sentimental value.

Yes, it’s true that you can get really cheap silver CZ engagement rings that cost under $100, and in some cases we recommend these items, however, if you can afford something that will last longer and wear better, we suggest you try to buy the mounting in the highest quality you can possibly get. You should get high quality CZ engagement rings like the ones from Ziamond, if at all possible, even if you must choose a smaller gem, a thinner band or a less dramatic cut. Do make an effort to go for gold instead of silver. Silver, especially cheap costume jewelry varieties, can offer a solution to get you out of a pinch, but may also offer allergic reactions, tarnishing, turning fingers green, changing to black when exposed to some household products and in general will require a lot more care and take far less abuse.

Frankly, the14k gold CZ engagement rings which are priced between $295 and $395 are affordable and offer exceptionally good value – in fact it’s not going to be easy to buy plain gold wedding bands, with no gems at all, for much less than $150, so as far as we can tell, the CZs are thrown in almost for free!

We think the Ziamond collections are great, and we also recommend other manufacturers of Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings and those who craft affordable Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings. To know what we suggest, please browse related posts where we offer lots of ideas for buying CZ Necklace designs, CZ Earrings and fun faux cocktail rings – in fact a whole range of CZ Jewelry to help you sparkle in both casual and formal attire no matter what the occasion.

From seriously beautiful bridal accessories to fun bling for parties, we know what you need and how much you can afford when it comes to high-end gold rings or fun silver costume jewelry. The choice will be up to you once you see all the unusual collections we’ve found for you.

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