Believable Fake Wedding Rings

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Sterling silver and rhodium plated solitaire engagement rings and wedding sets starting at just $16; delicate Swarovski crystal eternity bands for as little as $18; fake wedding rings with clear and colored gemstones and celebrity replicas for as little as $24; believable cubic zirconia bridal sets between $30 and $40.

Fake has never been so believable now that quality crystal and cubic zirconia gemstone rings have arrived on the market, mimicking genuine wedding ring designs originally set in gold / silver antique and traditional classics to contemporary platinum chic styles.

Why Buy Fake Wedding Rings?

While some couples, who are on very tight budgets, may choose the cheapest cubic zirconia or faux diamond jewelry for their engagement or wedding sets as a means to save money when starting out, most brides-and grooms-to-be understand that the durability of cheap fake wedding rings is limited, and therefore opt for higher quality CZ wedding rings crafted in genuine 9ct, 10k or 14k white / yellow gold, which are still reasonably priced. So why the ultra cheap $18 or $20 engagement rings and wedding bands crafted in silver or rhodium plated? Who buys them and why? Many women appreciate having a duplicate set of fake wedding rings because they can be used without worry everyday and worn carefree on vacations where “real” jewelry may be at risk of being stolen or lost. More and more ladies are choosing to have back-up wedding sets to keep their genuine wedding rings safe, yet still handy when needed.

Believable Fakes?

Is it possible to get fake wedding rings that really look like your original bridal sets? Yes. It’s amazing how realistic and well designed the latest faux cubic zirconia jewelry has become, and for almost no investment at all.

Sparkles Forever

Amongst many jewelry outlets that offer celebrity replicas and CZ rings, there’s one company called Sparkles Forever that has some of the cheapest fake wedding rings online – and yes, they look so real, even your friends will be fooled. Take a look at some samples of what’s available:

One of the cheapest fake wedding rings costs just $16, and is called Marie’s Cubic Zirconia Ring. It’s a solitaire, with a small bezel-set CZ mounted in a hammered silver-tone band that’s plated with a bonded layer of white gold and platinum-like rhodium for a lustrous finish. It’s not too bold or extravagant to be believable, and can easily be paired with a genuine or faux silver / platinum wedding band, or even an eternity ring like the Swarovski crystal eternity band that Sparkles Forever retails for just $18.

One of the best buys for a complete set of fake wedding rings that looks surprisingly like the real thing, is the set of two rings that’s simply called CZ High Polish Ring. For just $37 you get a 925 sterling silver set that’s nickel free, polished to look like platinum, with a central round-cut CZ gemstone and a delicate matching wedding band, accented with smaller CZ stones. The band fits perfectly with the engagement ring with a curve under the main faux diamond. It’s a delicate, finely crafted, believable fake wedding set that could be a good duplicate set for taking on holidays or wearing everyday.

Isn’t it better to ruin, lose or have a set of rings that cost $20, $30 or $40 stolen, than to have the originals gone forever and lose several hundred dollars? Keep your genuine gemstone jewelry secure by wearing fake wedding rings when you travel abroad.

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Something Different?

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