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Dressing for Marbella nightclubs and shopping for CZ gemstone jewelry

A night on the town at chic Marbella nightclubs means dressing the part, and for gals who love bling, a shopping expedition to Aires de Pacific (a funky fashion jewelry store in Marbella) is in order. It doesn’t matter if you want a turquoise necklace to accessorize jeans and Ts or pink cubic zirconia rings to wear with a sexy mini skirt and heels, it’s all available at Aires de Pacific on Calle Estación in Marbella, Málaga.

Getting ready for Costa del Sol nightlife

It’s customary for women in Spain to dress up when going clubbing, dancing or partying on a Friday or Saturday night. Even midweek parties merit something other than casual attire, especially if dinner and dancing will be involved. Although designer jeans and funky t-shirts are acceptable at some bars and lounges, getting admitted to the elite nightclubs in Marbella will demand a little more effort. Young trendy Spanish women wear sexy heels, boots or wedge sandals, even with semi-casual attire, when going out to dance. A glass of wine and tapas on a terrace will prompt most Spanish gals to dress up, and in summer along the Costa del Sol, expect to see lots of short skirts, strapless dresses and high heeled shoes. Accessorizing, even the most casual evening ensembles, is a must. Bouncers, door attendants and those who have the authority to grant access to the top venues for nightlife in Marbella Spain, specifically choose to admit well-dressed women before those who are attired more casually. In some cases, there are strict dress codes, and in most cases, wearing flip-flops and any kind of beach attire will not be admitted. Although it may not be essential to be perfectly accessorized to gain access to elite nightclubs, it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances if you’re not on a VIP list.

Bling for Noche Cubana at Buddha Marbella

If you’re planning to spend a Wednesday night Latin dancing at Buddha Marbella (one of the upscale Asian-fusion “concept” lounges that’s famed for its “Noche Cubana” with free salsa lessons) as a way to inaugurate yourself into the world of nightlife in Marbella, then you’ll want to consider wearing a dress, short skirt or fluid pants and dance shoes with good grip for spinning…and of course some sparkling accessories. Take a look at the Aires de Pacific collection called Celabration Party that includes lots of pieces like the “clásico” CZ necklace and CZ rings with wide cuff bracelets to match.

Bisutería de circonita

In Spanish, cubic zirconia jewelry is referred to as “bisutería de circonita” and the “classico” and “glamouroso” collections by Aires de Pacific are crafted with CZ simulated diamonds or high-end Swarovski crystal and rhinestones. For colorful designs, take a look at the collection of “étnico” pieces and the series called “belleza marina” that incorporates coral, mother of pearl, and coloured semi-precious gems in funky necklace, bracelet and ring creations. For something elegant that’s discrete, check out the collection called “discreto” – a series of items with pearl, crystal and silver that’s chic yet understated. Another collection of affordable jewelry is in the “vanguardista” series with trendy sets of earrings, bracelets and rings that are ideal to spice up a little black dress or casual attire for hitting night clubs in Marbella.

“Cabecitas lindas” and an opulent night at Funky Buddha

If you’re about to spend the evening at a place like Funky Buddha, one of the top exclusive Marbella nightclubs with an opulent ambiance that includes Buddhists statues and Moroccan alcoves with cachimbas, then consider accessorizing your ensemble with a single elegant piece of jewelry, perhaps a pink CZ cocktail ring, a cuff bracelet, a few strands of pearls or crystal necklaces that are affordable but elegant. Aires de Pacific offers two more collections of “circonita” jewelry called “tu gran dia” and “cabecitas lindas” which are designed for weddings but include gorgeous pieces ideal as elegant evening accessories. What’s great about the “tu gran dia” (your big day ) series is that the crystal necklaces and CZ gemstone jewelry items comes in a variety of colours, so they don’t look bridal, just sparkling funky bling. In the “cabecitas lindas” (pretty heads) designs you’ll find some marvelous hair accessories that include headbands, Spanish-style feathery and floral accents, CZ embellished combs and hair pins that add just a touch of bling to any almost any hairstyle. Be creative and choose something flamboyant to turn heads at nightclubs in Marbella, or be subtle with a single CZ pin, a little sparkling pendant or a simple pair of CZ stud earrings.

Shopping for CZ gemstone jewelry and choosing the best Costa del Sol nightlife venues

To shop for CZ jewelry, or browse collections online, look for bisutería de circonita and bisutería Aires de Pacific Marbella (also in San Pedro Alcántara) at

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