Where To Shop for Really Cheap Cubic Zirconia Rings

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Really cheap cubic zirconia rings start at about $16 for simple silver solitaires; celebrity CZ rings from $35 and up; ultra affordable classic wedding bands and engagement rings with CZ gems start at around $25 and go up to about $60; Cheap CZ cocktail rings with colored faux gems from $27 – if you need CZ jewelry that’s funky or fabulous and really affordable, here’s where to shop!

There are about five top shops for online CZ jewelry that offer the cheapest items of medium to high quality and a great selection of items for both bridal sets or cocktail bling.

  1. When it comes to cheap cubic zirconia rings that you can actually wear on your wedding day, one of the best places to shop is Almost Diamonds simply because you can get complete sets for about $50 and they look quite realistic.

    If you choose 1 carat gems, chances are the bridal sets will fool everyone. Despite the fact that the Almost Diamonds collections are really, really cheap cubic zirconia rings that almost anyone can afford, the bands are crafted in sterling silver with a rhodium coating that gives more durability and a lustrous shine that will help the rings not tarnish or scratch so quickly.

  2. Sparkles Forever is another company that retails CZ jewelry online and offers a good selection of simple promise rings that can double as engagement rings and cost under $20 – in fact they have some items that are sterling silver and cost only $16.

They also have a variety of cheap cubic zirconia rings that have colored faux gemstones. There are gorgeous cocktail rings with large blue central stones and imitation diamond accents that cost just $24.

Other Places to Shop for Cheap CZ Rings

Emitations, Eve’s Addiction, Jewels Studio, e-14k and Fantasy Jewelry Box are other sources for cubic zirconia wedding bands and cocktail bling.

For more detailed suggestions on where to get cheap fake wedding rings and higher quality imitation diamond rings, we invite you to read related posts where we review CZ products that are for sale online.

Some good choices in affordable white gold cubic zirconia rings are presented in the articles that explain why having gold mountings are worth paying a little more initially. When it comes to bridal jewelry and wedding sets some of the best choices include yellow and white gold CZ rings and Russian wedding rings that are interlaced bands with gemstone accents, now in faux designs that are reasonably priced. Speaking about Russian quality, we suggest buying Russian cubic zirconia wedding bands made from hand-cut CZs that cost a little more but are remarkably good imitations of diamonds.

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