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Congratulations! You have butterflies in your tummy. He popped the question! He wants to buy you the ring of your dreams but you know the budget. You can have that solitaire you’ve always wanted or a honeymoon. You can buy him the wedding band you know he’d love or have a catered dinner with all your friends. You don’t want to choose between having a ring you can wear forever and having a memorable day or a honeymoon.

Cubic Zirconia Rings –A tasteful affordable Alternative to Diamonds

Then a friend mentions a cubic zirconia ring. You cringe remembering some gaudy bauble you were given in the 80’s that looked like something from a bubblegum machine. No, no, no! That would never do. You want a REAL ring! Something to treasure, to show your girlfriends, to let the world know you’re in love. You don’t want a tacky imitation that screams cheap and bad taste!


Stop! Take a look at the new cubic zirconia engagement rings and wedding rings on the market today. They’re as elegant, classy or modern cool and hip as any of the diamond rings in the ads. There are gold rings, silver rings and even the newest titanium rings and platinum rings that set off any sparkling gems to perfection. There are simple bands with cubic zirconia embedded in eternity rings, solitaire rings to die for, and cluster diamond lookalikes almost identical to their zillion dollar diamond cousins.

Yes. You can have it all. The sit-down dinner, the honeymoon AND your dreamy ring.

Here are some alternative engagement rings and wedding rings you can choose from or suggest to your fiancé:

  • Silver Rings with cubic zirconia gemstones are the most popular. Sterling silver is modern and chic and many women prefer it because it matches the rings and earrings and jewelry in their wardrobe. Remember that your engagement ring or wedding ring will be worn everyday with all your outfits. If you usually wear silver jewelry, it’s a good idea to have a wedding ring set or engagement ring that’s silver too.

    There are simple contemporary twists to the traditional wedding ring sets such as a three stone zirconia ring or cubic zirconia eternity rings. The classic solitaire engagement ring is available in a zirconia version with square or round or marquise cut.

  • Gold Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings can have as classic or as contemporary a feel as you choose. The traditional cluster diamond wedding rings are impossible to distinguish from the real thing. But you may be able to afford a little larger focal zirconia in your ring than if it were a diamond. There are some great variations on the classics that blend gold with platinum and/or titanium for wedding bands that stand out.

    A yellow gold band with a large CZ solitaire is now affordable or a two-tone gold ring with white gold insets and a CZ diamond is well within reach. Depending on the metal combination for your ring, it can be easily under $100.

  • White Gold Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings have been the usual alternative for those ladies and gents who usually wear sterling silver but want better quality for their engagement ring or wedding rings. There are cubic zirconia rings in white gold and also in platinum which are inexpensive yet high quality.
  • Antique Rings, although less common in cubic zirconia, are available at vintage jewelry shops and online. They may not be hundreds of years old but many were created in the 60’s and 70’s and are very unique. There are also the vintage or antique rings that are new but made to look antique. There are a few styles in gold rings, but most are white gold rings or platinum or antiqued titanium because titanium lends itself to looking antique, also brushed silver is a good antique ring alternative.

    In the old days many engagement rings and wedding rings were not diamond, some of the most beautiful rings were pearl rings with a few diamonds around the pearl or on the band. There are new antique style rings designed with a freshwater pearl or cultured pearl and small cubic zirconia in place of diamonds. These rings are very feminine and may be just the thing you were looking for instead of a large diamond engagement ring or wedding band.

  • Emerald Rings throughout history have often been used for engagement and marriage. There is nothing that says you must have a diamond or a transparent gem or a cubic zirconia as the main stone in your ring.

    Cubic zirconia rings come in a wide variety of colors and may mimic the color of an emerald, or you may opt for a synthetic version of an emerald ring with cubic zirconia as accents, like diamonds. These rings, not traditional, but are exquisite and may now be affordable thanks to cubic zirconia technology and to the vast array of designers who incorporate less expensive gems in silver and gold ring settings.

  • Pearl Rings as a diamond engagement ring alternative can now be accessible due to cultural pearls and the cubic zirconia accents that set off the pearl in a ring. As stated above, these pearl rings may be just the option you want if you normally wear pearls instead of precious stones. A diamond engagement ring is not for every lady and you mustn’t feel you have to have diamonds just because it’s your wedding day.

    Try a classic gold ring setting but select a large freshwater pearl, perhaps in a champagne color that matches your bridal gown, and accent with cubic zirconia. It’s elegant, classic, very stylish and ultra feminine. If this is something you want, you may have to mention it to your fiancé because it may not be what he had in mind for you.

  • Ruby Rings are not just for those events when you need a bright red bauble. If you are a ruby kind of gal, let your fiancé know that you’d prefer a ruby to a diamond and thanks to colored cubic zirconia rings you may get what your heart desires. If not a real ruby, perhaps you can check out synthetic rubies or other natural stones similar in color and accent with cubic zirconia. Get what you really want in an engagement ring or wedding ring and don’t let tradition hold you to diamonds.
  • CZ Engagement Rings like diamond rings can give you the traditional diamond ring look without the price tag. You can choose from gold ring settings to sterling silver and combinations of titanium bands with platinum or white gold or 14K gold inlays or overlays or many other options. Jewelry can be affordable in any precious metal if you use cubic zirconia instead of diamonds. When you search online, for places to buy your engagement rings or wedding rings, try using the abbreviation CZ rings to get more choices.
  • Designer Rings are not just for the rich. There are two kinds of cubic zirconia rings in this category, the ones that are made by designers specifically for cubic zirconia and the manufactured versions that imitate the designer equivalents in diamond creations. Both are good options for cubic zirconia designs and less expensive than real precious gems.
  • Wedding Ring Sets can be difficult to choose no matter what they are made from because they usually are comprised of two or three rings: one engagement ring for her, one wedding band for her and one wedding band for him. It’s difficult to find a set that works well for her hands and also for his.

    That being said, it’s easier if the price is lower and there is a wider selection as is the case with cubic zirconia wedding rings that come in sets. It’s possible to have a ring that has a large cubic zirconia stone for her and simple chip diamond lookalikes for him. Also, there are now many color variations in wedding bands, such as tricolor or two-tone bands mixing gold and titanium or white gold and yellow gold.

  • Wedding Ring selection may not be about diamonds at all. It may be simply a choice of wedding bands, perhaps two bands with some diamond chips or a set of eternity rings with cubic zirconia all around or two simple titanium rings for him and her.
  • Men’s Rings are the most difficult to select because men traditionally (in the western world) wear less jewelry than women. That is not always true, but when it comes to choosing a wedding band for your fiancé you might be wondering why spend so much on a diamond ring when he will only wear it when he gets dressed up. There are a couple simple solutions. Buy him a ring that matches your own with a cubic zirconia so it’s not so expensive and won’t bother you if it’s worn less or select a plain band he can wear everyday with comfort. This depends on your man’s taste. If he is a little more eclectic, consider a larger cubic zirconia in a titanium setting.

Whatever ring you decide to go with, keep in mind the many options available with cheap cubic zirconia engagement rings and wedding rings so that you and sweetheart can dazzle without being frazzled.

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  1. Elizabeth Atkins says:

    I can’t believe you’d settle for this than the real thing! Nothing beats the naturally-occurring diamonds that’s in your ring… I can say this because I wasn’t all too-worried about the price when my husband suggested we change our wedding bands for diamond rings. We couldn’t afford them before…Imagine my surprise when he took me online shopping for a James Allen diamond wedding ring! He fulfilled that promise made long ago- even if it’s now 15 years later. Sigh.