Cubic Zirconia Rings – Not just About Price

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It’s not only a question of price and availability but of sparkle. Cubic zirconia rings are FLAWLESS and brilliant and therefore are the choice of those who want to razzle-dazzle in a big way. Often men’s rings, that are usually larger than the ladies versions, shine brighter when a cubic zirconia stone is set instead of a diamond. And choosing cubic zirconia rings does not need to affect what metal your ring is set in. It needn’t be a cheap setting. There are cubic zirconia rings in silver, gold, titanium, platinum, white gold and nearly every combination of these. Wedding ring sets need not be boring or traditional. They can suit your personal taste or be custom made just for your special day! Price may initially lure you, but their sparkle may make you a believer in cubic zirconia rings.

Cubic Zirconia Versatility

Cubic Zirconia crystals are born about 5 cm long and more than 2 cm wide and are later cut and shaped into gleaming gemstones for rings and earrings, mounted into engagement rings and men’s rings and sold throughout the world. Some cubic zirconias have certain metal oxides that give the zirconia a colored hue similar to amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire or yellow diamonds.


There is also a coating, a diamond-like carbon, that may added later to the stones that alters their color, makes them harder and makes them even more difficult to distinguish from diamonds. Since there is such a wide range of color, size and shape, the versatility of cubic zirconia rings is greater than that of diamonds and therefore you can satisfy your ring taste no matter how eccentric. You can give a singular, unique, designer name or custom made cubic zirconia ring to delight your lady much easier than ever before.

What are the most obvious differences between diamond and cubic zirconia rings?

There are no OBVIOUS differences that will immediately make friends or family comment on the fact that your engagement ring is a cubic zirconia and not a diamond. The untrained eye usually cannot see any difference at all. However, from a technical standpoint here are the differences:

  • Cubic zirconia gemstones are more prismatic than diamonds, which simply means that a cubic zirconia ring (with the same cut and shape and size of a diamond) will sparkle more.
  • Diamonds are well known for their hardness and this is also true of a cubic zirconia. The difference is two points on the scale that measures gemstone hardness, the mohs scale. While a diamond is a 10, a cubic zirconia is an 8.
  • Cubic zirconia stones tend to be heavier than diamonds, almost 2 times heavier. Keep this in mind when selecting cubic zirconia chandelier earrings. For rings it’s not a big consideration because rings in gold, silver, titanium or platinum will be somewhat heavy anyway.
  • Cubic zirconia jewelry uses flawless cubic zirconia gems, without defects of any kind, whereas diamonds almost always have some imperfection or natural flaw.
  • The way in which cubic zirconia stones reflect light is a little different from diamonds and this is, in part, due to the way cubic zirconias are cut. These differences are only noticeable when subject to expert inspection with a loupe magnifier (which jewelers use to view diamonds and gemstones).
  • Cubic zirconia rings are unique because they are totally transparent and colorless unless tinted or coated. Diamonds almost always have a slight hint of yellow or brown which diminish their brilliance. Only the rarest diamonds (that are categorized as perfect “D” on the diamond grading scale) are as clear as a cubic zirconia.
  • Diamonds are sometimes used for non jewelry related purposes because they are thermal conductors. Cubic zirconia are exactly the opposite, they are thermal insulators.

As you select your jewelry, be it a ring, an engagement ring, a wedding band, complete wedding ring sets, earrings to match your bridal gown, men’s rings for the groomsmen, bridesmaid gifts or any other jewelry to accent your wardrobe, seriously consider cubic zirconia for quality, versatility and price.

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