Cubic Zirconia Rings versus Diamonds

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When you are about to select rings, earrings or engagement rings and wedding rings that are a once in a lifetime purchase, you want to be sure your jewelry is the best quality for your money. An engagement ring is not just another piece of jewelry; it represents an act that goes far beyond mere aesthetic appeal. Since most engagement rings and wedding ring sets are gold, silver, platinum or titanium, the stone you select must be of high quality and enhance the jewelry settings.

If you are attracted to the exceptional designs available in cubic zirconia jewelry, and are even more enticed by their affordability, then you will want to take a minute to read about what makes a cubic zirconia so special. The low price of cubic zirconia rings is in no way a reflection of poor quality, it is simply the result of how they have come into being.

What is a Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia, also simply called CZ, is a brilliant manmade diamond lookalike, which is masterfully crafted using the cubic crystalline structure of zirconium dioxide. Although it is a synthetic material, it is extremely hard, not quite as hard a real diamond (but almost), and harder than most natural gemstones. It is very difficult to detect the difference between a genuine diamond and a cubic zirconia without viewing under a lens and knowing what to look for.

Will Everyone Know it’s Not a Diamond?


To the untrained eye it is very difficult to distinguish the difference between a cubic zirconia ring and a diamond ring. One way the experts know is that most diamonds have slight imperfections while cubic zirconia are flawless. This flawless perfection, as well as their low price, has made them one of the preferred gemstones for engagement rings, wedding rings and earrings since the mid 1970’s when they began to be mass produced.

CZ rings set with gold ring bands and cubic zirconia silver rings or white gold bands, as well as the popular titanium rings with cubic zirconia gems, can be as dazzling a creation as their expensive diamond designer ring counterparts. The traditional engagement ring (and wedding rings sets) is often one of the most costly parts of getting married, but with cubic zirconia rings, engagement rings and wedding rings can be, not only affordable, but as sparkling and dazzling as diamonds. And it’s doubtful anyone except an expert jeweler will be able to tell them apart.

Are Cubic Zirconia Rings New? Are there vintage Rings or Antique Engagement Rings in Cubic Zirconia?

Although the process to have a cubic zirconia ring does not require the millenniums of compressing coal as it does for a diamond, it has been a long process for scientists to arrive at such magnificent imitations. The discovery of natural cubic zirconia dates back to the late 1800’s, but growing them as single crystals began in the 1960’s in France and was perfected in Moscow in the early 70’s. There are stunning cubic zirconia engagement rings from the 60’s and 70’s which are now considered vintage jewelry or classic antique engagement rings and can be found online or at secondhand jewelry shops specializing in vintage wedding rings.

In 1980 cubic zirconia stones took the jewelry industry by storm and became a significant rival to the diamond trade. Since then, cubic zirconia rings, earring, engagement rings and wedding rings have evolved to include designer rings, silver rings, gold rings and wedding ring sets as stunning and magnificent as celebrity jewelry creations previously only seen in magazines and diamond ads.

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