Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets in Silver, White Gold, Titanium and Tungsten

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Men’s wedding bands and womens bridal ring sets, with high quality affordable cubic zirconia gemstones instead of diamonds, set in sterling silver, 14k white gold or crafted in solid titanium or tungsten are available online with prices starting under $50.

If you’re on a tight budget and would prefer to spend your money on something other than rings, yet don’t want to sacrifice having sparkle on your wedding day, then you should consider the elegant, yet cheap, alternatives like silver cubic zirconia wedding ring sets and solid white gold wedding bands with CZs that cost a fraction of what you would pay for diamond sets of the same basic style.

You also need to know about the innovative alternatives that are available in matching wedding rings crafted from titanium and tungsten, many with cubic zirconia set in unusual mountings, especially great for couples who want something that is not just affordable but distinctive and personal. Here is the information you need to help you choose the best cubic zirconia rings in the four most affordable and durable metals – silver, white gold, titanium and tungsten.

Silver Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bands Sets

The cheapest solution to having diamond-like sparkle in a white metal setting is to choose sterling silver. Yes, you can get really cheap “fake looking” CZ rings for $20 or less at costume jewelry kiosk at your local mall, but these will not only look fake when they’re new, but will not withstand even a short period of everyday wear. We recommend you budget at least $50 for sterling silver cubic zirconia bridal sets that are of better quality and will therefore have something that will last longer and look less “cheap”. Naturally, over time, silver does tarnish and will need to be cleaned or polished, and CZ gems will eventually get scratched and dull looking, but the best sets will at least not immediately scream “fake” to everyone who looks at your rings, and may actually provide you with a year or two (often more) of daily wear, if you’re careful. This may give you the time you need to be able to afford replacing the cheap silver CZ sets with something in white gold or even titanium, and perhaps even a real diamond or two for one of your anniversaries. But before you can think about getting replacements, you need the initial rings you will use to say I DO, so, where can you get quality cubic zirconia wedding sets that look believable for $50 or less?

Ladies Bridal Ring Sets Between $40 and $70

Before we show you what you can buy online and how much the sets cost, here’s a little tip on how to select CZ rings that are believable. First, choose a design or setting that is similar to a diamond creation, something that is not too extravagant, that you may actually be able to afford if you decided to buy your wedding jewelry on credit. What we mean is that you should not choose a 4 carat CZ gemstone creation simply because it costs the same as a smaller one. Why?

Because the larger the stone, the more fake it will appear, especially if everyone knows you’re not a millionaire. It’s also wise to choose a CZ for the engagement ring that is no more than 1 carat, preferably a half carat, because in the light, a CZ is more prismatic than a similar cut diamond, and what that means is that cubic zirconia tend to have more fire, or sparkle, refracting light and creating a colorful prism of brilliance that only the most flawless of diamonds will give off. The fact that cubic zirconia are transparent, without inclusions, therefore akin to the most elusive and expensive flawless diamonds that are unaffordable for the average person, makes rings with very large brilliant stones appear more fake than the smaller ones that attract less attention by giving off less of a brilliant sparkle.

A cluster setting with a half carat central stone, accented by smaller CZs, as would be natural in a genuine diamond set, is often the best and most believable choice. Or, a solitaire engagement ring that is no more than a carat in weight, with a simple polished silver wedding band, or a half eternity ring with 5 to 10 small stones, perhaps baguette cut or pave set, will appear more realistic than a massive stone in an unusual setting that only a queen could afford if it were real. With that in mind, here are the top picks for solid sterling silver cubic zirconia wedding ring sets that include a ladies engagement ring and wedding band for one low price. The first and second recommendations are sold through Almost Diamonds, the third and fourth through Emitations, and the fifth and sixth through Fantasy Jewelry Box.

  1. A half carat central CZ stone, accented with smaller channel set stones along the shank, paired with a delicate half eternity wedding band, with 8 smaller brilliant cut CZs, all set in sterling silver for just under $50. This is a cross between a classic solitaire and a modern clean lined eternity design, with faux gemstones that are a believable size, in a quality setting that will endure everyday wear because the silver is rhodium plated to prevent natural tarnishing. Also, the high polished band, as well as the protective plating mentioned above, gives the set the look you might find in a platinum creation. Such a fine finish is another factor that contributes to it’s believable appearance and differentiates it from cheaper diamond imitation styles where, sometimes the manufactures have cut corners on small finishing details. Often the telltale sign of a cheap faux diamond isn’t the stone itself but a rough or poorly finished band. Take note of the smooth edges, the highly polished silver, the clean prong mounting of the central stone, and the carefully detailed channel where the smaller stones have been placed in the band.
  2. A .75 carat CZ solitaire engagement ring with a simple, high polished, matching band, accented with notched grooves and smaller stones costs just under $40. It’s another classic with a touch of modern – very clean design, elegant and extremely believable. The silver in this set, once again, is finely crafted, beautifully finished and nothing about the setting, or the size of the stone, gives any indication of it being faux or cheap.
  3. Emitations has a set that is simple and stylish, a genuine-looking creation that will not raise questions as to weather it’s diamond or faux. It’s called Soo-Yun’s weddings set and is a pair of two rings that are delicate and feminine, both sterling silver. The engagement ring has a ½ carat CZ centrally mounted between smaller gems and a perfectly matched three-stone wedding band as its pair. Although many of the cubic zirconia wedding bands sets sold through Emitations can be a little more expensive, between $70 and $140, this particular design costs just under $60.
  4. A CZ wedding ring set that is perfect for anyone wanting an antique or filigree design is the piece called Vanora’s sold through Emitations. Although it’s an intricately crafted piece with a total weight of 1.7 carats in cubic zirconia gems, the rings themselves do not scream fake because the single largest stone is the central one in the engagement ring, and it’s just .75 carats, and therefore a realistic size. The accenting stones are small and have been pave set, therefore giving an overall sparkle without being overly extravagant. The bands into which the gems have been set are.925 sterling silver that has been rhodium electroplated so as not to tarnish. This unusual antique wedding ring set costs about $70 and is available to order online through Emitations.
  5. Fantasy Jewelry Box has a delicate traditional set, very clean and tastefully simple, with a single round .75 carat CZ, prong set in a slender sterling silver band with rounded edges and a matching wedding band that fits into the solitaire engagement ring as close as possible due to a curved shank that wraps seamlessly around the other ring’s central stone. This is an ideal choice for value and design since it costs just under $40.
  6. For an exquisite vintage engagement ring and wedding band set there’s nothing quite like the Queen Victoria set sold through Fantasy Jewelry Box for just $55. We recommend it as a believable choice because the centre stone is just 1 carat in weight, and the accenting stones that comprise another .25 carats are very subtly worked into a delicately carved shank. The matching wedding band is also carved and has a bit of tasteful sparkle, but what’s great about this design is that the decorative area with gems is only on the top side and not all around the band, making the set much more comfortable for everyday wear.

Speaking about comfort, that reminds us to give you a tip about choosing bands. Although eternity bands are beautiful and very popular as the band to go with an engagement ring, please remember that if you choose a design that has prong set stones all the way around, as in the full eternity styles, they may be less than comfy fro everyday wear and the prongs used to set the stones may catch on clothing. We highly recommend half eternity ring designs and channel or bezel settings, or baguette cut stones in smooth mountings, instead of prongs.

White Gold Wedding Bands and Sets

It’s quite a drastic price jump to go from a silver setting to one in white gold, although the quality of the pieces will be, in most cases, worth paying extra for. One of the best places to shop for genuine ladies white gold wedding bands and bridal sets with CZ diamonds is Goldenmine, and for men’s wedding bands, Jewelry Vortex. Let’s first take a look at what’s available for the ladies.

  1. A genuine bargain is the 14k white gold two-ring set for just under $210. Yes, you’re reading this correctly…two gold rings for just over $200, and the engagement ring in the set has a half carat round CZ center stone, accented by baguette cut gems alongside. And the matching white gold wedding ring to match is also set with three baguette stones. It’s a tasteful design that has a crisp clean feel because of the long slender baguette stones, and although it has a fair bit of sparkle, it’s not too dramatic to be fake looking. Remember that this set is gold not silver, so even if you should decide to upgrade from CZs to real diamonds, you can use the original mounting.
  2. The three-stone ring is one of the most popular designs, and if you want the combination of white gold and cubic zirconia, you can save a lot of money, even you have your heart set on a large central stone. We normally don’t recommend that you choose CZ stones over a carat in weight, so the piece we present is pushing the boundaries of that criteria, having a 1.25 carat center stone and the two other CZs that are each .40 carat. However, this particular piece is distinctively crafted and very, very affordable, so we present it as an option. It costs just $199 through Goldenmine….and again we remind you this is solid 14k gold and not silver, so that is a very good price for a set of that quality.

Just White Gold Bands

Here are some white gold bands that you can buy separately. For just $133 you can get a 7 stone eternity band in white gold. This is excellent value, especially if already have your engagement ring and need something that can easily match your ring even not bought as a set.

For something more plain or more elaborate, select a variety of other choice, one that has a full set of gems around the band, another that has a double row of stones but only along the top, and yet another style that has 5 small stones bezel set into the rounded band. All are under $200, and the latter one being just $165.

White Gold Mens Wedding Rings

Matching bands with or without CZ stones, set in white gold, are available through Goldenmine starting at about $75 for a plain thin band, up to elaborate designs that incorporate CZ stones and cost about $300. However that brings us to Jewelry Vortex where you can get the best deals on mens wedding rings and matching sets not only in gold but in other metals that are even more durable, like titanium and tungsten.

Titanium wedding bands for men and tungsten wedding bands, for both men and women, offer a great alternative to gold or silver. For as little as $70 you can get cubic zirconia wedding bands sets that are crafted in one of the strongest and most durable metals on earth. For between $70 and $130 you can get unique styles that have one or more gemstones, come with a lifetime guarantee and are available online through places like Jewelry Vortex.

For ladies sets that include unusual tension-set CZ gemstone designs, we recommend shopping at places like Titanium Era where you can start creating your sets for as little as $95 each piece. You can also get tungsten wedding bands for as little as $75. These alternatives are worth considering if you are on a budget because the quality is outstanding, the rings will last a lifetime, and yet the initial investment is not much more than what it would cost for high quality costume jewelry. If you need matching wedding rings, eternity wedding bands with cubic zirconia or desire something really distinctive and personal, we strongly recommend titanium and tungsten as a viable, affordable and solid choice.

For more information please see related articles like: Cubic Zirconia Rings Versus Diamonds and Tanzanite Rings as well as more details on shopping for Men’s Cubic Zirconia Rings. If you want lots of ideas on how to create your very own ring sets that are unusual, please go to the article called Imitations by Emitations where you will find dozens of unique suggestions for pairing CZ engagement rings with bands that are affordable and personalized to your specific needs and tastes.

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