Double and Triple Roll Russian Wedding Rings

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Sterling silver and two-tone gold double and triple roll Russian wedding rings with cubic zirconia diamond bands starting at $42; designer and tiffany inspired styles; hand hammered Holy Trinity Russian rings in plain silver or three-tone gold starting at $30; double rolling bands for just $26; triple bands $35 to $48; seven rolling bands for just $29; intricate creations with motifs and dozens of CZ diamond gemstones between $58 and $75 – op quality Russian rolling wedding bands with cubic zirconia at great low prices. Shop online and receive free shipping within the US on orders over $75.

Russian Wedding Ring Styles

Russian wedding rings are also known as rolling rings and sometimes called Holy Trinity rings when there are three bands entwined, however there are styles with as few as two interlinking bands and those that have as many as seven or more. Basic Russian bridal sets are often plain silver or gold, but a modern option is to choose a double or triple rolling ring where one or more of the bands is accented with gemstones. A very tasteful choice is the Tiffany inspired triple roll design with a single band accented with a series of round brilliant-cut CZ diamonds set all the way around. The three bands are solid 925 sterling silver with a rhodium plating for durability and the cubic zirconia stones total .29 carat for a tasteful bit of sparkle. The items we recommend in this post are from Eve’s Addiction, a fine online jewelry shop that specializes in high quality affordable sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Russian wedding rings, you should be aware that the bands are looped together yet still move freely on their own. When placed on the finger, the bands rest in an interlocking weave-type pattern that sits flat. Nevertheless the bands move because they are not soldered together and therefore it can take a few days of wearing to get used to the way the rings roll.

Two and Three-Tone Holy Trinity Rings

One of the most distinctive and elegant Russian wedding rings sold through Eve’s Addiction is a contrasting set of two gold-tone bands with one of the silver rings studded with CZ diamonds for contrast. This is a set that could well replace the need for a separate engagement ring and wedding band because it’s a complete ensemble on its own. It retails for just $45 and is crafted in solid sterling silver with rhodium plating that provides a smooth and durable finish that will last longer than plain silver.

Right Hand Cocktail Rings with a Russian Wedding Band Theme

Some of the most unique imitation diamond rings for sale online are ones crafted in this age-old traditional Russian puzzle style but have been modernized with triple tone metals, gems and motifs. Two such outstanding designs gory are more closely related to elaborate cocktail rings than wedding sets — blending the delicate interlocking elements of traditional rolling ring designs with the boldness of wider bands, start motifs and colored accents or precious metals. Again Eve’s Addiction retails these pieces in silver with rhodium plating and sparkling cubic zirconia diamonds on all three of the tri-colored bands. The elaborate rose gold, yellow gold and silver set, embellished with dozens of faux diamonds is not a subtle piece of jewelry, but as a cocktail ring or evening accessory it’s ideal, and very reasonably priced at $75.

Another fun piece are the star studded CZ rings featuring three wide bands in different tones, rose, yellow gold and silver. Each band has a series of cutouts in the shape of stars and small cubic zirconia gems are set into each star. Unique and fun but still in the Russian wedding ring design that moves freely with rolling bands. This is an ideal right hand ring for glamour.

More CZ Jewelry Ideas

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Many white gold CZ rings offer the same quality and design features as their diamond equivalents but guarantee the gems are conflict free. The bonus is that you can save a lot of money and still have diamond-like sparkle in a bridal set that are genuine gold. Find out more by reading other feature CZ jewelry articles that include diverse ideas such as funky pink cubic zirconia rings or bridal sets crafted with man made diamonds that are identical to mined gems.

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