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Stud / Hoop / Huggie / Drop / Chandelier / Dangle / Leverback / Silver Stud / White Gold / Rhodium / Pave Set / Bezel / Princess Cut / Baguette / Marquis / Asscher – using the famous Crislu Earrings Collections, we present “EarringPedia” – a concise description of the main styles of CZ earrings, the latest metals, the best stone cuts, the most popular shapes, the preferred closures and where to shop for the most recent designs.

1. CZ Stud Earrings

A CZ stud earring (or any stud for that matter) is defined as a single gem (or group of gems) be they real or faux, set in a metal mounting that fits close to the earlobe.

There are usually no dangling or teardrop accents or components that fall beyond the lobe. The gold 14k CZ earrings that are most popular, tend to be crafted with a single half or 1 or 2 carat clear, yellow, pink or blue gem, usually square or round in shape attached to a butterfly back closure.

The stone cuts used for cubic zirconia simulated diamonds are the same as those used in the genuine diamond versions, and therefore the most common shape is that of the princess cut CZ earrings, in part because they are square, somewhat flat and also due to the brilliance this cut offers.

In the Crislu Earrings collections, which we feature as examples of this style, the classily designed sets are the ones like the Crislu princess-cut 2.5 carat cubic zirconia styles that are handset into crisp clean-lined sterling silver that’s finished with pure platinum. For a pair of such high quality studs, it’s very reasonable to expect to pay about $65. The Crislu collections are available through The Latest Trend, Bloomingdales, Dillards, and other fine online jewelry shops. Crislu themselves do not have an online shop to buy direct, however you can view their latest collections and publicity by going to their official site, although there are no prices or shopping carts for retail buyers.

Some of the newest stud creations by Crislu are the ones that have more than one stone, sometimes called canary earrings due to the yellow cubic zirconia that mimics the canary diamond. Although not strictly a stud earring, these designs fall into the stud category because the central gem is the largest part of the jewelry and the earring itself rests flat on the ear and doesn’t dangle. The accenting gems are often pave, prong or bezel set into the decorative design surrounding the central gem.

2. CZ Hoop Earrings

The definition of a hoop is a metal circle or half circle that is placed within a pierced ear, usually with a wire to secures one side of the hoop to the other, which then passes through the ear, or with a post that is then closed with a pressure sensitive attachment called a butterfly.

The most popular amongst the affordable styles are the plated gold CZ hoop earrings or the ones that are crafted in 18-carat gold vermeil (see the definition of vermeil below).

Many of the newest hoop designs are richly embellished with gems be they faux or genuine, however, due to price factors, the pave CZ earrings are one of the best buys. Pave is about insetting the stones into the metal so as to create a paved appearance, like a sidewalk that’s set with stones perfectly flush to the ground. In jewelry, this technique is used to enhance the brilliance of smaller gems because many teeny little chips can be set in close proximity in order to appear to be a solid gem covered piece of jewelry.

The other type of common hoop setting are the bezel set CZ earrings. In the bezel design, the gems are fastened to the metal with the use of a rim or lip that encompasses the area around the stone.

The bezel and the channel settings are often very similar in appearance, however, a channel is usually a long tunnel-like groove where gems sit, whereas the bezel set gems will likely be separately held in place with a small rim around the jewel.

The prong method of attaching stones to a hoop is also extremely popular, and gives a sort of eternity ring look to the piece, because each gem is supported by two or four prongs so the jewels are separate yet placed along a single line.

Crislu designs include many of the CZ hoop earrings that use pave, channel and bezel settings to accent their delicate silver, platinum plated, gold or gold vermeil circular shapes.

3. CZ Huggie Earrings

The huggie CZ earrings, which have become very popular with young girls, are similar to the larger hoops without extending so far out. Instead, they’re circular, usually wider, and hug the earlobe. That’s why the name “huggie” has been employed to describe them because they gently hug the lower part of the lobe, and often have a wider band and inlaid gems. These earrings, despite resembling the shape of a hoop, are quite small, which is why they may be a good choice for a young lady or even a little girl who’s just starting to wear pierced earrings.

The most elegant versions are the medium sized huggie hoop CZ earrings in gold with lots of gemstones in pave, channel or bezel settings. There are usually no parts that dangle or hang lower than lobe, although in some cases, charms can be attached to a huggie, especially for the designs favored by teens / little girls.

The top elegant versions of this style are crafted by a company called Nadri (above), as well as beautiful designs by Crislu, some with colored gems, like the ones sold through HSN. There are also gold CZ huggie earrings that are crafted in gold vermeil by Crislu, and these are available from all the top Crislu outlets.

4. CZ Drop Earrings

CZ drop earrings are defined by having a segment that falls below the lobe, usually only one teardrop shaped gem or in some cases a heart. They do not necessarily move or dangle, although they may do so. The Crislu designs that are available vary from the leverback designs that have a single drop-style gem on a pave half circle, retailing for about $95, to the designs that tend toward being classified as dangle earrings, although still only having a single gem below the lobe.

In most cases a genuine drop earring design will have one gem that is close to the piercing and one that falls below, and not a cascading series of gems in a single line, as some dangle styles. If there is a small loop or ring that attaches the second gem, then the latter stone may move with body motion, such as the Crislu solitaire and pear design that is celebrity imitation favorite .

Favorite designs for young ladies are the CZ heart earrings, which are simple yet elegant, especially the Crislu one that are affordable silver with an 18k gold overlay. ¾ of a carat of cubic zirconia gems are pave set inside the full heart, which appears to be gold tone, and drops just below the ear. Being a leverback design it’s also the preferred closure for younger earring wearers since that backing is less likely to come open on its own and therefore more secure. This particular drop earring is available through Macy’s for $100.

5. CZ Chandelier Earrings

CZ chandelier earrings are crafted in a similar way to how you imagine a light chandelier, with a central attachment that loops into a piercing, or is held with a post and butterfly clasp, and then has a series of embellishments that drop down, sometimes falling to different lengths, often with several strands of gems or beads that are connected with intricate metal separators, delicate chain or a series of links.

The Crislu styles are priced very reasonably, around $90. The Heritage collection is one of the best when it comes to elegant chandelier styling, ideal for brides, bridesmaids, formal accessorizing of evening dresses, and can be beautifully paired with matching necklaces and bracelets.

Some of the top CZ jewelry sets available on the market are those crafted by Crislu in their various collections, featured in all the top fashion and glamour magazines. From gorgeous antiqued marcasite and cubic zirconia collections like the Devotee, to the high polished silver, platinum or gold vermeil creations in the Royal Crowns Collection, Crilu has managed to create the jewels that almost every woman can afford by using top quality CZ stones instead of diamonds, without scrimping on luxurious style, design or glamour. And with priced for almost all their jewelry being between $50 and $200, the possibility of collecting a series of sparkling items is feasible. Why settle for one single item when you can have a complete set.

6. CZ Dangle Earrings

A dangle earring falls below the lobe and dangles or moves, usually because the stones or gems are held together with links or chain. The difference between a drop and a dangle design is usually the length and the number of gems or segments that comprise the earring. The two most common style of dangle earrings are:

  • the single dangle that is similar to a drop earring, very short and swings gentle with motion, however is not very dramatic. This classic setting is often worn by brides because it’s more perceptible than a stud if the bride is using a veil (or has her hair styled down instead of in an updo), yet is not overly eccentric or elaborate for a delicate bridal look.
  • the long dangle that has two, three or more segments that may fall halfway down the neck or even reach the shoulder. These tend to be fashion statement used to accent eveningwear and tend to be less formal, albeit much more dramatic. Ideal for women with long slender necks, and to accent gowns that are strapless and leave the shoulders bare. Not recommended for wearing with high neckline styles or as an accent with garments that have collars.

The variety of CZ dangle earrings is too immense to begin to show even a small portion of what’s available, however, to simplify shopping for quality designs that are crafted by Crislu, you can browse styles at Bloomingdales and get as good a price as many cheap jewelry shops.

7. CZ Leverback Earrings

When speaking of leverback, this does not refer to a cubic zirconia specific type of jewelry, rather it’s about the closure. The leverback is one of most secure designs because the half circle or oblong piece passes through the pierced ear and clasps a lever that secures the earring around the ear. There are no separate pieces that can be lost or fall off, like the post and butterfly back. They’re usually very comfortable and will also help the jewelry hang the way the earring was designed to rest on the lobe.

This style of closure is primarily used for drop and dangle earring styles, and sometimes for the chandelier designs that are lighter weight. Their only drawback is that they may appear to stretch the lobe if the earring is too heavy, which is why sometimes other closures may be used for chandelier or very long dangle designs with heavy gemstones that are over 2 carats.

There are certain types of CZ leverback earrings that look like studs, although they are in fact a kind of drop design. Some of the more expensive pieces, with the best quality gems and precious metal mountings, will use the lever back style simply because it offers better security from loss.

Many of the best solid 14k white gold CZ earrings are constructed with this style back, obviously because loosing a pair that costs almost $100 is more serious than loosing a cheap pair of fashion jewelry earrings that cost $10.

8. Rhodium Earrings

If you come across the term rhodium earrings and wonder what they’re made of then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that rhodium is a transition metal, which is silver white, and is part of the platinum family. It is a very rare precious metal and is in fact one of the most expensive precious metals available. As of stats from 2010, the metal was priced at about $80,000 per kg. However, when you see the term rhodium plated earrings, which is the most common type of high fashion jewelry plating, then the only part of the jewelry mounting that is rhodium is the outer finish – usually just a thin layer to add luster to silver or other metals. These pieces of CZ jewelry are often very affordable. The Crislu collections are notable for being rhodium plated over silver, such as the popular Illumination series of earrings.

9. Pave CZ Earrings

As mentioned above, the pave CZ earrings are not about the gemstone but about the way in which the stones are set in a paved mounting that is flat. Pave earring and other jewelry pieces are often very brilliant due to the sheer number of small gems that can be mounted into a small area, creating what appears to be a solid gem-like sparkle. When used around a central gem on a hoop or around a stud, the primary stone will often to be larger. It is a good way to get more sparkle using lower carat weight stones, allowing for very elegant and elaborate designs that are reasonably priced.

CZ rings often employ this setting technique to make the band appear more elegantly embellished, and in fact many pendants, especially heart necklace designs, use this style of setting to fill an entire area with small gems and give extraordinary diamond-like glitter to a large area which may be silver or rhodium plated, and with white on white, the ring, pendant or earring, may appear to be entirely encrusted in gems.

10. Princess Cut CZ Earrings

Although we may think that the phrase princess cut CZ earrings refers to a fanciful style of earring that is “princess-like”, the fact is that princess-cut is the term employed in the diamond cutting industry to refer to a specific shape and style of crafting a gem.

In CZ jewelry the same terms are used as for diamonds and other precious gems, and therefore this refers not to the CZ itself, but the cut. It’s very popular because it’s square and very brilliant, ideal for stud earrings, solitaire CZ engagement rings, and in general one of the most famous shapes used in the top CZ wedding rings that mimic diamonds.

11. Bezel Earrings

The word bezel describes the way in which a gem is mounted without prongs or being inlaid into the metal, but rather a means to hold a stone in place using a rim or thin edge of metal that surrounds the stone.

The most famous Crislu round stud earrings are set in this way, as is the matching pendant, which we present as an clearer example of how the mounting or setting technique works to secure the gemstones into jewelry.

It is popular to choose bezel set diamond or CZ earrings simply because the rim offsets and separates each stone which is a desirable effect in more contemporary jewelry pieces that have a clean or geometric design.

12. Baguette Earrings

Once more, the word baguette is not a term exclusive to cubic zirconia jewelry, but a way of cutting diamonds both simulated and genuine. When it comes to baguette earrings, the most popular designs are those that employ the long slender, stepped gemstones, which Crislu has only one pair (as far as we can tell).

They do have an exquisite baguette cut CZ ring design that’s quite extraordinary (and priced under $90), so since the cut of the gem is clearer in the ring, we present an image of it just as an example of the baguette gem style.

13. Asscher Earrings

Asscher earrings are not about a particular style, rather a gemstone cut that’s regaining more and more popularity due to certain celebrity creations. The cut itself is based on a diamond shaping technique from Holland, which began at the turn of the century, and waned in popularity because it required a large, high quality, very clear, almost flawless diamond to really be appreciated. However, with the advent of near flawless simulated diamonds, like cubic zirconia, the shape and cut has come back to life. It allows for large square shaped gems to be the focal point of earrings and rings, especially CZ earrings that use almost perfect stones. Why? Because the way in which the gem is faceted or stepped creates the illusion of being pulled into the gem, therefore the clarity is very important. A cloudy or flawed stone that uses the Asscher cut is just a waste of a stone.

14. 18-Carat Gold Vermeil

Vermeil is a technique that offers the look of rich yellow gold without the price factor. Why? It is a form of gilding or plating that was created by the French in the 19th century. What makes it popular today is that the formula used requires the use of a specific combination of precious metals and a thickness of plating that delivers a high quality product. The mix is derived from solid sterling silver, genuine gold, and requires the jewelry forgers to pay strict attention to it being 58% gold and that the purity be at least 10 (although companies like Crislu use 18k). It also must be applied to the silver in a coating that is no less than 2 and a half micrometers in thickness. The way in which it is applied nowadays is done in such a way that it does not peal off or wear-off easily, therefore providing a genuine alternative to gold jewelry.

A Word About The CRISLU Jewelry Company

Although there are many outstanding companies who offer quality CZ jewelry, which we review in our numerous post, this week’s featured jewelry manufacturer has been Crislu, in part because they have a long history of producing high fashion jewelry, as well as the fact that they have been pioneers in creating beautiful high-end settings that utilize the latest cubic zirconia technology. Crislu as a company has been delivering fine jewelry and high fashion accessories to the world since 1961, and as such have reached a point where they now offer their creations to retailers from over 50 countries worldwide.

We chose their CZ creations specifically because they are what is called “hand lapped” and because the metal mountings are affordable yet highly polished sterling silver that’s finished with a platinum coating. They also offer high quality vermeil gold earrings and other jewelry creations that rival the pure gold items for a price that is much more affordable to the average consumer.

Crislu pieces are often featured in such well-known magazines like Life & Style, In-Style, Vogue and US Weekly, and another reason they have gained such a high status in the world of fashion jewelry is that they have become a favorite of certain celebrities who choose faux over genuine gemstones, either as replacements for the real ones, or simply as fun bling to wear without worry.

For more information of related subjects that pertain to CZ Jewelry creations, please see our numerous related posts. We specialize in reviewing the best CZ necklace manufactures, the top CZ Rings designers and offer a wide variety of suggestions on where to buy the very best deals on CZ Wedding Rings that look almost as real as genuine diamonds. And don’t forget to check out our recommendations for the most outstanding Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings that come in trendy colors as well the classic clear stones we all know.

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