Ethical Yellow and White Gold CZ Rings

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Are you an ethical jeweler who creates unique white gold cubic zirconia rings using fair trade gold from environmentally and socially conscientious sources? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Why Are We Searching for Ethical CZ Jewelry Designers?

We’re searching for ethical cubic zirconia jewelry designers because we can’t seem to find CZ jewelry for sale anywhere online or in jewelry shops around the world that use fair trade gold. We’d love to be able to recommend a place where readers could choose to shop for yellow and white gold CZ rings made from gold that’s been mined in such as way as to minimizing harmful impact on the environment and is traded in a way that benefits workers and communities instead of funding conflicts.

While there are plenty of ethical gold designers who craft unique jewelry using fairly traded or recycled precious metals, most of these designers utilize ethically sourced genuine gemstones and real Canadian diamonds not cubic zirconia. While these creations are finely crafted, singular, environmentally friendly and meet or exceed international fair trade standards, most items are beyond the reach of average buyers looking for an affordable ethical option. If buying cheap cubic zirconia rings is a means to stop purchasing conflict gemstone jewelry and unethically sourced diamonds, it seems a shame that the gold used in commercially available yellow and white gold CZ rings should be crafted with unethically sourced gold.

Help Us Help YOU

If you know of a designer / company who creates such ethical white gold zirconia rings, or if you are a craftsperson, please write to us so we may investigate what you offer and recommend your creations or suggestions to readers.

What To Do if You Want a Gold CZ Ring and Can’t Find an Ethical Designer?

If you’ve stumbled upon this post because you’re aware of the problem with yellow and white gold cubic zirconia rings that are being manufactured commercially, and you’re looking for a dealer or a place to buy ethical CZ jewelry mounted in gold, we suggest that one viable alterative is to choose to have a piece custom made using an old gold ring or by buying an antique piece and having it rebuilt, or simply choosing an ethical gold mounting that’s already crafted. It’s a bit of extra legwork, getting an ethical jeweler to create a gold mounting, then buying a loose CZ gem and having it set, but it is possible and ends up being an ethical ring you can be proud of. Having a gold mounting created by a local or online jeweler is not as expensive as you might imagine – not much more than buying the gold wedding band from a commercial outlet. CZ gemstone can be bought loose for between $20 to $70 (even some of the top quality enhanced gems will not cost much more). Then you can have it mounted into the gold band.

If you can’t find an ethical source for affordable white gold CZ rings, and we can’t find designers to recommend, then it seems we’re all stuck with what’s available. So, if you’d like information on some places to shop for fake wedding rings (not in gold mountings) and imitation diamond rings ( with gold or silver bands) or would prefer to stick with silver that’s rhodium plated by choosing something like the CZ Russian wedding rings, then please browse other related posts for ideas.

Cubic zirconia wedding bands and some cheap cubic zirconia rings can be ethical options for bridal jewelry, although in many cases the cheapest versions won’t last as long as the gold ones. One other alterative may be to choose titanium CZ rings – they’re quite affordable and the bands will last a lifetime.

Ethical Real Gemstone and Gold Alternatives

If you’re in a position to purchase real gemstone ethical diamond and gold rings, the places to shop that offer quality fair trade and ethically sourced pieces are Fifi Bijoux, Harriet Kelsall Jewellery in the UK, and a company called Oria, as well as funky design team called Bario-Neal, who use fairly traded and recycled metals as well as quality ethically sourced gems. April Doubleday is another designer who creates beautiful gold and gemstone rings that are ethical and use fairly trades stones. She also uses some faux gems and may be willing to set CZ stones in custom pieces using fair trade gold.

There are singular pieces by each of these designers that are somewhat more affordable, but if they’re still beyond your budget constraints, perhaps you can send them an email to ask if they’d be willing to creating unique white gold CZ rings priced for budget conscious conscientious individuals. (The white gold diamond ring pictures featured in this post are all from the genuine gemstone and gold designers mentioned above – none are cubic zirconia creations.)

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