Genuine White Gold Cubic Zirconia Rings

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Finely crafted white gold cubic zirconia rings; an alternative to buying diamond creations that may use stones from unethical sources. High quality Russian CZ gems set in 14k white or yellow gold mountings – durability, elegance – distinctive design that lasts.

Buying cubic zirconia wedding bands and engagement rings is not always a decision brides and grooms make due to financial constraints. In fact, many who are choosing to buy imitation diamond rings do so in order to not risk purchasing conflict or unethical gemstone jewelry. Nevertheless, they may still want quality genuine 14k wedding bands and engagement ring mountings so the pieces will last, so the semimetal value of the rings isn’t lost as may be the case with cheap cubic zirconia wedding sets.

Although the vast majority of cheap cubic zirconia rings are made in silver, or some base metal with a rhodium plating, that’s not the only option for environmentally /ethically conscientious individuals. Finely crafted genuine yellow and white gold cubic zirconia rings are available in jewelry shops and online, as an alternative to unethical gemstone pieces while offering the longevity / durability of genuine gold.

Where to Buy White Gold Cubic Zirconia Rings Online

There are several shops that offer realistic-looking yellow / white gold cubic zirconia rings and even platinum or titanium mountings that are of superior quality and design. It must be noted that while the wedding sets are not expensive, they are not as cheap as the silver or plated versions, since the bands are priced according to the market value of gold. Most quality Russian cubic zirconia gems set in 14k gold are priced over a hundred dollars, usually around $170 to just over $200 for a basic engagement ring, and complete sets (with a wedding band and matching engagement ring) will usually be priced around $300 and up.

One of the most affordable places to buy high-end antique, classic and contemporary white gold cubic zirconia rings, that use only fine Russian CZs, is called Jewelers Studio.

Have a look at what e 14k / Jewelers Studio offer and see for yourself what a selection of believable imitation diamond rings are available. Some of the top white gold CZ rings are extremely good value, especially the antique designs that mimic intricate filigree sculpting on the shank of the engagement rings and around the wedding bands.

1. Antique White Gold CZ Ring Set

One piece is a 14k antique white gold CZ engagement ring that’s a classic solitaire, featuring a 1 carat Russian CZ and hand crafted sculpting around the entire band. It costs $296.

The matching wedding band, also 14k white gold, delicately sculpted with a filigree motif, costs just $199.

2. Sleek Imitation Diamond Rings in 14k White Gold

Another of the affordable white gold CZ rings is the one with a single Russian CZ gem, mounted in a polished white gold band, that costs $170. The matching wedding band fits under the central gem to create a bridal set that’s streamline, elegant and uncluttered.

The matching band costs only $130, and is solid 14 white gold, making it an excellent purchase.

For more ideas on where to shop and how to choose cubic zirconia wedding bands and engagement rings please refer to related posts that deal with a variety of items including really cheap fake wedding rings, primarily in silver and rhodium plated designs, as well as higher end imitation diamond rings that use enhanced stones instead of regular CZs.

We offer ideas for buying the best quality Russian wedding rings and 14k yellow / white gold CZ rings, as well as really cheap cubic zirconia rings that are designed for budget buyers. We provide suggestions on where to get trendy colored imitation gemstone jewelry and the hottest pink cubic zirconia rings that can be worn for fun or used as an alternative to classic white diamond wedding sets.

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