High Fashion CZ Necklace Collections From $50 to $200

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Simulated diamonds and Swarovski crystal necklaces under $47.95; New York high fashion jewelry sets starting at $55.95; Tiffany style choker $65.95; CZ simulated diamond tennis necklace designs $71.95 to $77.95; Hollywood glamour solitaire CZ pendant necklace $77.95; match your tennis bracelet to a CZ strand of simple elegant sparkle for under $80 – we show you where to buy exquisite and affordable pieces.

There’s a place we’ve stumbled upon called The Bling Society, where you needn’t be a member to be part of a sparkling upscale society of jewelry lovers. For jewelry sets, simulated diamond and CZ tennis bracelets as well as some of the most exquisite creations in CZ necklace designs, this is the place to go. Why? Aside from a wonderful selection, high quality delicately crafted pieces, the prices are all between $50 and $200.

If you’re tired of finding nothing but chain style CZ pendant necklace designs, then you’ll love the pieces that are crafted with the gemstones inset, like the one called Modern Millionaire. It incorporates more than 100 round simulated diamonds in a delicate necklace that comes to a V shape in front. You’ll be hard pressed to find another silver CZ necklace with this much sparkle for just under $90.

One of the best buys is the La Mode CZ tennis necklace, which is a simple elegant compliment to the matching bracelet. The great part about buying the tennis bracelet and necklace through the Bling Society is that the that the necklace costs just $77.95 and the bracelet is only $41.95.

We’ve totally fallen in love with the choker style CZ necklaces like the one that has a series of round gems in a triple layered design, which is geometric yet classic. For just $65.95 you can have this gorgeous choker to wear with an y evening gown or prom dress. It’s a style both young ladies and mature women can both wear.

For one of the best CZ heart necklace designs you’ll find, the piece (aptly named) The Very Heart Of It, is one of those timeless jewelry designs that’s romantic and very affordable at just under $144. Perhaps what’s best about the style of this heart-shaped piece is that the majority of the necklace is in fact constructed of round cubic zirconia and therefore the dangling heart in the center is a feature, not just one more heart. It’s elegant enough to be the sole piece of jewelry with an evening dress with a low neckline. Although, if you want to go all out there are matching earrings.

We’re not a fan of the majority of pink bling on the market today, simply because faux pink gemstones tend to look fake, but the glamorous pink CZ necklace we’ve discovered that’s sold through the Bling Society as made us take a second look. The piece called the Jewel of the Nile isn’t too overly pink, in fact the entire necklace is made up of clear simulated diamond stones and only one single pink marquise cut jewel dangles in the front. It’s large enough to be noticed, yet is a delicate pink hue that could even accent a black gown or be worn with a summer floral chiffon off the shoulder dress. This is a luxurious item that costs only $84.

Whether you’re looking for a channel, prong or bezel CZ necklace creations, you’ll find what you need at The Bling Society. From colored Swarovski crystal mixed with cubic zirconia to dangling pendants and circle necklace designs, it’s all waiting for you, and for a lot less than you thought possible.

If what you need is some diamond-like brilliance around your neck, then you should consider something like the Luxe, which is a strand of teardrop-shaped gems with 4 dangling stones to perhaps accent a little cleavage with a strapless dress.

You can also go with one of their more dramatic pieces called the Lady of Liberty, which is a masterpiece of high fashion, a blend of blue and clear gemstones, all for just under $180. The dangling blue teardrop stones are accented by the oval simulated diamonds for a regal piece of jewelry good enough for attending a ball.

Perhaps that’s what we love about this jewelry find, the ability to buy the gems that make ladies feel like the princesses they always knew they were. There’s no reason to settle for a cheap silver CZ necklace made of chain and a teeny little bit of sparkle, when it’s possible to have masterpieces that are funky, modern and yet filled with a classic feminine touch.

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