Men’s Cubic Zirconia Rings

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Men’s rings seem less important. If you judge the importance of engagement and wedding rings by what’s for sale in the jewelry shops then it’s obvious rings are deemed to be a woman’s thing, and diamonds apparently remain good friends with the ladies. But the ring you give your fiancé, your husband to be, is not less important than the one he gives you, and cubic zirconia is often a very good and practical choice.

He will treasure his ring and feel naked without it just as you will. The key to lady’s rings and men’s rings is how they’re given, what they represent and if the style will suit your partner’s everyday lifestyle.

Cubic Zirconia Rings and Honeymoon Dreams

Cubic zirconia rings can be a great alternative to diamonds because there is no reason to spend hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on jewelry that you could better use to create memories, to live, to share with your friends or to just have a more exciting honeymoon of your dreams. (My husband and I went to Macau and two other islands in the South China Sea, which would have been impossible had we bought expensive diamonds wedding rings.)

Gold or silver rings, wedding ring sets with cubic zirconia settings in titanium or platinum, antique engagement rings handed down as heirlooms or white gold bands with stones the size of mountains will not make your love stronger or your days happier. Although rings sparkle and diamonds are a tradition, the cubic zirconia bracelets, or ring, or earrings, or anklet or toe ring you give need only make your partner’s eyes sparkle when they say “I do!”

CZ Rings with dazzle not Frazzle

Since preparing for a wedding is stressful, and what really matters is the two of you, as I write I include suggestions for cubic zirconia rings that may be perfect for your special day. What’s even better is that you can buy CZ rings online and save yourself some time.

Choose your rings and have them shipped to your door instead of shopping in jewelry shops and getting frazzled over the choices. And with all the time and money you’ve saved ring shopping, pack a picnic basket with a bottle of wine and some cheese and go on…live a little…surprise your honey… because YOU (not diamonds) are your partner’s best friend.

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