Funky Pink Cubic Zirconia Rings for Ladies of All Ages

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Delicate or chunky pink cubic zirconia rings from $18 to $60 +; pink antique engagement rings; fun cocktail baubles; cute young ladies jewelry; hot valentines day gift; anniversary CZ eternity bands; birthstone rings – pink sapphire and CZ ruby imitations for July – affordable pink stones, cheap cubic zirconia rings – order online and receive free shipping within the US.

Pink jewelry isn’t just pastel-innocent or cutesy-sweet for little girls, but the hot and sassy hues of the latest pinks range from fuchsia and hot cherry to purple-pink mauve with WOW for ladies of all ages. Here are seven selections from Fantasy Jewelry Box:

  1. pink antique engagement rings – for just $34 the bride-to-be who loves pink can be almost dressed to walk down the isle wearing Rabecca’s Antique Fuchsia Cubic Zirconia Ring. The central white CZ is just over one carat, the band is rhodium plated and the various accenting gems are a mix of contrasting gemstone cuts and the most rare gemstone color – fuchsia. As an promise ring, pre-engagement ring, or even the actual engagement jewelry, this piece says “I dare to be different!” If a genuine pink diamond, sapphire or pink ruby ring is not within your bridal jewelry budget, try out gemstone jewelry indulgence for almost no investment.
  2. fun cocktail baubles – make heads turn when you enter the room with a pink gemstone that’s 20 mms wide (7/8 inch) across. Crazy wild bling like this is priceless if what you want is to get noticed in a crowd. This Fantasy Jewelry Box piece is priced at about $90, but if that’s a little out of your league, there’s another emerald cut masterpiece that’s equally as extravagant called the Pink Allure CZ Cocktail Ring that costs just $29.
  3. cute young ladies pink jewelry – delicate and starting at a size 5, Melyssa’s Pink CZ Ring is a delightfully cute piece of jewelry for any young lady with a penchant for being a princess. For just under $30, surprise your favorite little lady with one of these pink cubic zirconia rings. By the way, the ring is genuine sterling silver and the gem is a quality CZ in a delicate hue — ideal for small fingers.
  4. hot valentines day gift – saying “I love you” or even “I really like you” is easier with one of the hottest pink cubic zirconia rings in your outstretched hand. Say it anyway you think she’ll like it, either bright and boldly, or subtle and tenderly. Here are two fabulous valentines jewelry choices for very different ladies:

    (a) Saita’s Pink Cubic Zirconia Ring features a massive pink gem in band accented with clear stones all the way around. It’s affordable as a valentine’s gift since it only costs $35. Let the bold CZ help give you the courage to express what you really feel.

    (b) The Valentine Pink CZ Heart Ring cost just $30 and is a subtle and tender way to speak your heart to any lady. This is one of the more unusual pink cubic zirconia rings that will never be confused as a party bauble because the delicate pave setting is done so finely it looks like genuine gold and tiny pink sapphires and diamonds. In fact it’s crafted from cubic zirconia, set in two-tone sterling silver – part being a sleek white metal that’s rhodium electroplated and part rose gold electroplated as a contrast. There are also matching CZ earrings, bracelets and other jewelry items if you want to really go all out!

  5. anniversary CZ eternity bands – anniversary jewelry can be delicate pink or bold stackable sets of eternity bands. A set of 6 pink cubic zirconia rings in the full eternity style band are available through Fantasy Jewelry Box for around $137. If you want a single CZ eternity band with pink gems, there are several choice including the slender pink CZ and rose gold-tone design called Corin’s Pink CZ Eternity Band that retails for under $18.
  6. pink birthstone rings – July is the month for rubies, but sometimes a softer red is preferable, like a pink sapphire, especially when affordably crafted in a pink CZ ring. For a serious pink birthstone ring there’s an eternity ring with fuchsia colored stones set in titanium that costs under $60. It’s called Veronika’s CZ Fuchsia eternity band. The other item that’s good as July birthstone jewelry is Hannah’s pink promise ring — a sapphire/ruby imitation for under $24. There are also several princess-cut pink cubic zirconia rings that are crafted in traditional designs and cost between $30 and $40.
  7. dressy office pink bling –cheap cubic zirconia rings – somewhere between a cocktail ring and a simple everyday design is Rosa’s Cluster Pink CZ Ring that’s gold plated and features a series of different stone shapes in a bold yet not ostentatious design. Easy to wear to the office or after-hours – a hint of glamour without being too much – and for a reasonable price for the working gal – just under $37!

If you’d like to buy any of the recommended pink rings, you’ll receive free shipping within the US when choosing regular postal delivery. You may also select to order your pink jewelry faster and pay a little extra to have a rush shipment.

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