99% Pure Russian Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bands in 14K / 18K Gold and Platinum

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Flawless CZ gems set in genuine gold mountings starting at $375; the best Russian cubic zirconia stones over 99% pure, expertly cut and polished to mimic diamonds; unique three stone and eternity band designs including round, square and emerald-cut pieces.

Why Buy Russian Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bands

There’s a company called Birkat Elyon that offers some of the most elegant CZ bridal jewelry available. What sets their wedding bands and engagement rings apart from other cheaper versions? There are several things that are impressive in the way Birkat Elyon creates jewelry.

Quality Raw Materials

First, they start the process with some of the highest quality CZ gems. Is there really a difference? Aren’t all CZ faux diamonds about the same quality? Not exactly. The quality of an imitation diamond begins with the raw materials. These must be pure, able to be cut and polished to a diamond-like luster, as hard as possible and with the right capacity to reflect light in a similar way as diamonds do in order to not appear overly violet or give off a spectral fire that’s too intense to be genuine.

Expertly Hand Cutting Individual CZ Gems

The cutting of the gemstones is also extremely important because machines can never cut a stone as perfectly as a human hand. What we’ve learned by investigating a variety of sources is that the Birkat Elyon cubic zirconia wedding bands and engagement rings use CZ stones that have been cut entirely by hand. This is a time-consuming and costly process, which is why their creations are slightly more expensive than the manufactured pieces. Cheap cubic zirconia rings by other companies use stones that have been mass-produced and cut by machines. However, the cutting techniques employed on fine Russian CZ diamond gemstones used in the Birkat Elyon pieces are identical to those used on real diamonds, and the skill required is the same.

Polishing for Brilliance

Before the stones can be worthy of mounting into 14k, 18k gold or platinum, they must be polished. A genuine diamond will have a thin polished girdle, low quality CZ gem manufacturers have thick unpolished girdles, while the Russian Birkat Elyon stones have thin polished girdle –similar to genuine diamonds. This attention to detail makes the difference in gemstone brilliance. A CZ is meant to imitate a diamond, therefore the closer it mimics the genuine stone in all aspects, the more realistic it will be look in the final setting.

How Much Do Fine Russian Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bands Cost?

Very cheap cubic zirconia rings are never set into precious metals such as 18k gold or platinum – it’s just not worthwhile to go to all the trouble of crafting a fine mounting that costs between $150 and $300 and then add a worthless fake diamond. That’s why cubic zirconia wedding rings and engagement rings crafted by Birkat Elyon cost, on average, $700, although there are some designs that retail for around $375 to $560.

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