Russian Simulated Diamond Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings

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Highest quality Russian simulated diamond rings; 2 carat brilliant round cut solitaires in gold mountings between $295 and $385; princess cut cubic zirconia wedding rings with 3.5 carat gemstones set in 14k gold for under $600; Asscher-inspired 8 carat Russian formula cubic zirconia rings mounted in 14K white or yellow gold for under $500; exclusive Birkat Elyon gems crafted by hand in the original Russian CZ procedure – ready to wear wedding ring sets or custom made to your specifications – the world’s finest simulated diamonds at affordable prices!

Why Choose Birkat Elyon Simulated Diamonds Over Other Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic zirconia gem quality is not all the same. There are stones that have better clarity, more brilliance, better fire, and are simply a superior grade of zirconia. Birkat Elyon stones are indeed a cut above their competitors due to several factors, such as:

  1. They use only the stones that are 99.9% pure
  2. They produce their own raw gems from the original Russian formula, invented in the ‘70’s (used for industrial lasers), which turns out the hardest, clearest and most brilliant CZ gems available today.
  3. Their gems are not cloudy or cheap simulations that will be damaged easily. Best of all, they look realistic even in larger carat weights. Many CZ rings have a fake appearance when set with stones over a carat, however, the Birkat Elyon gems are of such high quality that indulgence in larger carats is possible while still looking believable.
  4. The CZ gems are all cut by hand – not by machines that mass-produce inferior stones for cheap costume jewelry. The quality of each gem is inspected by hand (actually by eye) with a jeweler’s loop.
  5. Polishing is another area where Birkat Elyon doesn’t scrimp. Bringing out the ultimate level of brilliance is a process that requires attention to detail, and this is done piece by piece, stone by stone.
  6. Birkat Elyon designers and jewelers mount all the top quality cubic zirconia into 14k /18k gold and platinum – so there are no cheap silver settings or sloppy workmanship because the settings/mountings and precious metals used are identical to the ones for genuine diamonds.
  7. Colored CZ creations, which imitate the yellow canary diamonds and soft pink diamonds, are also available in a variety of weights for a small fraction of what one of these rare genuine stones would cost.
  8. Unusual wedding rings, wedding bands, engagement rings and even complete bridal ring set options, in clear or colored stones, there are endless options.
  9. From ruby and emeralds to synthetic sapphire creations, choose a singular stone and style to suite your personality instead of a traditional white diamond engagement ring set.
  10. Choose a variety of matching wedding bands such as the popular eternity rings and 3 stone styles, also set in gold, with prices starting as low as $340 for a half eternity band with brilliant cubic zirconia, prong set around the band. With each stone being .03 carat, the total weight of the gemstones is over half a carat and the setting is solid white gold. It’s an unbeatable price for a ladies wedding band that matches most engagement ring styles.

When choosing a bridal set, one of the most dramatic and elegant designs includes a cushion cut engagement ring. There’s one particularly elegant creation by Birkat Elyon that has a 3.5 carat cushion-cut stone (which is a distinctive square shape), prong set in a 14k white gold mounting, costing only $460. Pair that with any wedding band or eternity ring for a dazzling yet affordable bridal set.

The popular gem styles, like the princess cut engagement rings, emerald cut solitaires and the heart shaped stones, which can be found in the Birkat Elyon CZ wedding ring sets, are priced to meet most budge conscious couples. For example:

  1. a full 3 carat emerald cut ring in 14k gold with a unique inlaid mounting for just $350.
  2. a princess cut white gold engagement ring with a wide band and a channel set 2 carat gem for just under $600.
  3. a dramatic set of cubic zirconia wedding rings that includes a 10 carat stone that’s heart-shaped, also set in gold for just $570. The smaller gem, 8 carat heart shape, in the same design, is $480.

If you’ve been dreaming about having a fancy solitaire wedding ring, with or without a matching band, yet as you see the prices of genuine diamonds you realize it’s simply not possible, look again. There are dozens of options. One that highlights how many unusual settings you can choose from, with a variety of stone sizes and shapes, is the Asscher inspired stone (3.5 carats as the central gem) and additional CZ round cut stones in a pave setting around the band, for a total 3.88 carat weight of simulated diamonds, in white gold (yellow gold can be had if you custom order), for $575!

Want to really make your wedding rings stand out? Want a design that’s YOU and not so traditional? Then choose a gem and mix and match with cubic zirconia. For example, take a look at the duo princess cut ring with a 2.5 carat CZ and a 2.5 carat simulated ruby set in 14k white or yellow gold for $595.

Choose original engagement ring settings that incorporate simulated sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other gems or colored diamonds and create your own ideal pieces.

If you’re lost for ideas, try browsing through the designer inspired collections at Birkat Elyon, like: how about a 6 carat simulated aquamarine that’s an oval cushion cut and has accents in white CZs to total 7.46 carats of gems all mounted masterfully in solid 14k white gold for $795.

Mix and match stone shapes, cuts, setting styles, the precious metals used in the mountings and design what’s in your heart.

Gold rings don’t have to be plain just because you’re on a budget, and cubic zirconia needn’t be cheap-looking to be affordable. Many people are settling for cheap engagement rings that in the end are expensive because they don’t last.

Spending $200 for a silver mounting and cheap CZs versus getting high quality and solid gold for a hundred more in indeed good value!

Don’t settle for silver engagement ring designs that use inferior stones. If you’ve decided to go with CZs instead of genuine diamonds anyway, get the best you can possibly afford.

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