ADT Strengthened Imitation Diamond Rings

Imitation Diamond Rings, crafted with enhanced CZ stones; coated with ADT for strength and durability; top diamond imitations; affordable faux creations using technologically advanced simulated diamonds that are affordable; superior to ordinary CZs (yet not as expensive as man made diamonds); prices start under $200.

Strengthened CZ Rings by Better Than Diamonds

There’s a relatively new gem being used in high-end imitation diamond rings. The ones we’re talking about are by Asha, sold through Better Than Diamonds, and although the stones are not man made diamonds (with the same physical properties of mined gems) they’re high quality enhanced cubic zirconia stones, which are harder, more durable, and refract light in a similar way to diamonds, therefore are brilliant and have excellent fire without the spectrum of colors. And to top it off, they’re reasonably priced.

What is ADT?

How does the process strengthen the stones used in imitation diamond rings?

ADT stands for Amorphous Diamond Treatment, and the Asha CZ stones we recommend are treated by this process. How and what are the benefits? Because regular cubic zirconia stones tend to be porous they attract particles, debris and even oil found in the skin and therefore, as most people who have CZ rings know, they become dull and lifeless quite quickly.

Regular CZs can also be scratched which is why Cubic Zirconia rings and jewelry don’t make for good everyday wear. The ADT process coats the CZ with a formula that makes the stones harder and less porous, and therefore less prone to becoming dull. Another fault often found with regular CZ imitation diamond rings is that the stones refract light in a way that is different than a genuine diamond, and therefore it’s often obvious that a CZ isn’t real because of the spectrum of light refracted which may tend to appear blue.

Cubic zirconia that have undergone the ADT process filter the light in a way that more closely mimics a diamond, with better brilliance without the colored fire that is unnatural. Also a coated CZ will not get cloudy or murky over time because it no longer absorbs oxygen / carbon dioxide. A treated CZ gemstone is coated with diamond-like carbon which eliminates clouding while also adding a luster that makes the stone appear smooth and vibrantly alive.

How much do ADT strengthened imitation diamond rings cost?

When shopping at Better Than Diamonds, you can choose your rings in two ways.

  1. ready to wear rings that have been designed with high quality treated CZs mounted in gold or platinum bands
  2. customize a setting by choosing a gold or platinum band and an appropriate stone for the pre-fabricated mounting

Ready to wear Tiffany style solitaire imitation diamond rings start at around $183, and more elaborate creations can cost over $800. Keep in mind that the rings are gold or platinum – the precious metals are not imitation.

Custom pieces start at around $160 for a basic white / yellow gold mounting and a treated CZ gemstone can be selected to fit the style of the band – single gems start at $27 and go up to a couple hundred. It’s possible to custom create a simple ring for $200 or less, and the precious metal will be gold and the gemstones treated CZs.

If you haven’t found what you’re after in white gold CZ rings through Better Than Diamonds, we offer additional suggestions on buying fake wedding rings and really cheap cubic zirconia rings with regular stones in related posts. You’ll find shopping advice even for those on really limited budgets. There are many online shops that offer white gold cubic zirconia rings that have untreated faux gems, of excellent quality, and therefore we make recommendations to help you choose and match engagement rings with cubic zirconia wedding bands. Colored gemstone jewelry, especially pink cubic zirconia rings, are hot, so we’ve posted an article dedicated to exploring the various pink CZ creations on the market.

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