Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings or…Earrings

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I hadn’t seen him for two months when he finally arrived at the Chiang Kai Shek airport. I didn’t know he’d come to the island. He took a taxi to the Taiwanese village where I lived, snuck into the cabin and hid in the dark until I returned from my assignment. Upon my return, after a delightful fright, he asked me to marry him while we were yet in the dark.

He didn’t have an engagement ring…

.. Instead he had a set of silver earrings he said would remind us to listen to each other. I accepted and a month and half later we were married in Hong Kong. That was 2 years ago, and we now live in Spain, and everything around us has changed, but I’ll never forget the feeling of that moment when he inserted the earrings into my ears, and in the scant evening light, offered me a tiny mirror to look at myself. I didn’t care so much about what the earrings looked like as the way his eyes glistened with tears as I said YES.

Rings –Symbols of Moments

I’m sure you have your own engagement story that moved you and has brought you to the point of wanting to join your life with the man or woman of your dreams.

Engagement rings or earrings or the wedding rings you choose to complete this union may be of little importance when compared with the way they are given, and the feeling that binds two spirits. Rings (or some kind of jewelry) simply remain as a symbol to carry with us each day and remind us of those moments that have made life worth living. It’s worth some thought into what wedding rings you will give your partner, not so much to select the perfect zirconia or wedding band or to fulfill some childhood fantasy, but because your rings will forever remind you of that moment, that day…

Washing the Dishes and Wedding Rings

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings

My husband and I chose matching wedding bands in silver, simple, handmade by a Chinese artist. Later I was given a silver ring with a type of cubic zirconia gemstone that I wear with the wedding band. None of them were very expensive but they are priceless to me.

That is why I recommend cubic zirconia rings because it’s not about price, it’s not about real diamonds or fake imitations, it’s not about showing off or impressing friends, it’s about the flutter in your tummy when you look at your hands while washing the dishes and you remember…oh…I’m married…I’m with the man I love…I finally found him!

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