Wild and Wonderful Designer CZ Rings

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Funky Designer CZ Rings – $25 to $70! Bold Eternity Bands loaded with sparkle; CZ Engagement Rings; bejeweled Cocktail Rings; Bright, Bodacious, Daring Designs
from Real Collectibles by Adrienne®, an outrageously beautiful series of faux gemstone rings for women who know who they are!

Want delicate, darling, cute and charming? Then you’ll have to go elsewhere because Real Collectibles isn’t a place for domesticated or even tamed women to shop. It’s about larger than life, bodacious drama, artistic eccentricities, wild color, contrasting gemstones, multidimensional eternity rings, multi-layered diamonite wedding bands, and CZ cocktail rings that are jewels within jewels and are fiercely individual.

  1. Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings Like No Other: This massively gorgeous creation offers by Adrienne offers its wearer over 4 carats of CZ Diamonite gems and costs only $49.95.
  2. The Master Cutter’s CZ wedding ring set costs under $35 and has over 8 carats of gems. The central stone princess cut, prong set solitaire style gem with round pavé set clear CZs arranged around the band to accent the sculpted diamond cutout shapes. This is an elaborate creation for a woman with healthy self esteem.
  3. If you’re not a wall flower and want to make an entrance, this Vintage-Inspired CZ band has an eye-popping, jaw dropping rectangular gem that weighs over 12 carats. The wide band onto which the gem is mounted may appear to be layered or stacked but in fact is a multi-chain textured band that has a highly polished and antiqued gold-tone finish. This gold CZ ring costs just under $40!
  4. Tanzanite CZ Cocktail Rings for just under $60. Faux tanzanite and genuine CZ make up this outrageously delightful blue piece of jewelry. For CZ wedding rings that are nowhere near traditional, give rare periwinkle blue tanzanite a try. Vibrant, and sparkling all one – translucence and color!
  5. Tiered of looking at the same old eternity rings? Even stacking bands looking too plain? Then here’s a multidimensional jeweled dome of a ring with multi-toned metals as well as exactly 1 billion different colored crystals and gems – okay not exactly 1 billion, but a lot!

    We’ve thrown this ring into the collections we present because it’s so fun, but in fact it isn’t crafted with cubic zirconia but with crystals that are both clear and honey topaz in color. The design is available in two metal choices, either the golden / silver one we present here, or silver / hematite. The whole set costs just $60.

  6. Your average sterling silver CZ rings will look a little boring when they rest side by side with the likes of the cubic zirconia and simulated turquoise ring or the Butterflies and Flowers creations.

    Both pieces are just under $60, so take your pick….either are quite a fingerfull of jewelry. The turquoise one has almost a carat and a half of cubic zirconia stones as well as the mammoth piece of faux turquoise, while the garden of flowers and butterflies and fairies and snakes and dragonflies and …..oh, we mean the purple ring, has about 20 carats of CZ gems, which includes the treated colored central gem that’s also a cubic zirconia Diamonite.


  8. Not amongst your average emerald cut cubic zirconia rings is this blue masterpiece that has a blue crystal in an emerald-cut shape over 5.27 carats of cubic zirconia spread over the wide silver-tone band that is a sparkle from below and above with radiance that is visible through the blue crystal. This is the famous jewels within jewels by Adrienne. It retails for just under $50. By the way, it’s technically called a bridge ring.
  9. If you still haven’t found the faux ring you desire, then perhaps the bizarre 4.42 carat CZ flower ring called the En Tremblant may be the creation you had in mind. Dripping with flowers and sparkling gems, this piece is an excellent choice since it’s rhodium plated and therefore offers a high quality and durable finish that resembles platinum. It’s good value at under $60.

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We specialize in offering the best suggestions for where to find innovative cubic zirconia creations! If you’re looking for something or have something unusual to offer, contact us and we’ll either review your product / company or try to match your needs with a company or product we already have on our lists.

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